Why everyone who’s anyone in health is at Meilahti, Helsinki in 4 months


Why everyone who’s anyone in health is at Meilahti, Helsinki in 4 months

Working for health? Want to get a glimpse of the big picture at one go, and to have everyone important in the same room to discuss it? So do we. That is why we created Upgraded Life Festival.

Health is a hot topic and there are many riding that wave these days, but Upgraded Life Festival is a joint get-together for those startups, academics, corporates, investors, health professional and civil servants to whom health and wellbeing has and will be the key function also after the buzz moves on. For us, Upgraded Life Festival is strategic work time under pleasant circumstances to build dialogue, scrutinize the state of health innovation, and to make it flourish with new collaboration opportunities discovered.

What makes Upgraded Life Festival, or as we with affection call ‘ULF’, so unique? The are many aspects to it.


The community who arranges the event and invites the others to join, is the health startups. Startups are the herald of change. They break silos by default, and shuffle the pieces of a puzzle we thought can not be touched. Who would be a better driver and energy-boost for a health event?

Another factor, that gives ULF it’s distinct character, is the presence of medical and health professionals. ULF is not only about companies and investors discussing business, but a platform of dialogue, where also the practitioners of health have their heavy say on what is needed, and where the focus should be. To make the case, the event is arranged for the 5th time at the heart of one of the leading health care organizations in Europe with altogether 3,200 patient beds, 1.6 million yearly patients,over 100,000 annual procedures and 1.6 million patient visits per year – HUS (The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa; a Joint Authority of 24 municipalities).


Life happens. Sometimes you treat health, sometimes sickness. For the rest of the time -hopefully- you enhance your wellbeing. To mirror this, the program is always designed to build bridges between different sciences and different areas of focus. Where else do you discuss innovations that have completely different regulatory needs, different markets, but the shared vision for an Upgraded Life?

Finland. Yep, we know it – sickness has no borders, nor should the cure have. Startups are born global, and locations should not matter. However, when discussing innovative healthcare, it is no coincidence Finland has till now served as the platform for ULF. The tech heavy pool of professionals, record breakingly long history of tracking health data, and lots of fruitful public private partnerships enabling the forward looking culture, are just a few reasons why, for a small country, Finland is an interesting player in the health discussion and the perfect hostess to ULF.


Size matters. It is hard to find your match in the masses. That’s why we like it moderate. The mix of stage talks, workshops, roundtables, one-to-one meetings, and the exhibition area are together designed to offer multiple touch points ensuring the right business cards to be exchanged and the right hands to be shook. The keynote presenter you just saw on stage might be the next person you queue for a coffee with. Everyone is there to meet you.

We started with a community get-together of 500 enthusiast five years ago. Now 1200 professionals from all key sectors join one another for two days festival of health and wellbeing. This would have not been possible without a vast network of believers, supporters and like-minded visionaries. Want to see who they are? See you at ULF 31st May – 1st June 2018.

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