Wellmo and Healthzilla partnered up to Digitalise Prevention with Intelligent Personalization


Wellmo and Healthzilla partnered up to Digitalise Prevention with Intelligent Personalization

Two Upgraded members, Wellmo and Healthzilla, have formed a partnership. The partnership will support the internationalization and growth efforts of both companies and also expand each parties’ technology offering and customer base in new markets.

 “With Healthzilla, our current and future customers can get next-generation abilities to refine data from users’ wearables into new segmentation insights. Furthermore, with the Healthzilla solution Wellmo’s customers can provide their users with smart, personalized feedback,” says Jaakko Olkkonen, CEO of Wellmo. “We are thrilled that Healthzilla’s technology brings new analytical, deep-tech capabilities for use by our platform customers.”

 “We look forward to working with Wellmo to empower both their existing and future insurance customers with intelligent analysis, insights, and recommendations around the wealth of real-time health and wellbeing data,” says Laura Ranin, CEO of Healthzilla. “Wellmo’s rapid growth and customer success in Europe has proven the insurance market is finally ready for this new, digital era. Together with Wellmo, we are able to provide insurance companies with a platform and ecosystem approach to health and life insurance coupled with our own deep technology capabilities. We can’t wait to conquer Asia together!”

About Wellmo:
Wellmo helps insurance companies leverage mobile health technologies for innovative services – their unique, white-label SaaS platform has been built for combining the best locally relevant digital health services with a unified and personalized user experience.
In addition to insurance, Wellmo is relevant for and has customers from other industries, such as pharma, media, consumer goods, and public health. Wellmo’s widely-adopted platform is serving leading European insurers in six countries.

About Healthzilla:
Healthzilla’s deep-tech platform empowers companies to make intelligent, data-driven decisions to improve the health & wellbeing of their customers, get real-time insights and analysis and red flag individuals at risk, and develop more innovative & intelligent health and wellbeing products for their customers. The core of Healthzilla technology is to automate staying healthy by combining the psychology of habit building, the analytical capabilities of machine learning, real-time health data from sensors, and the latest in preventative healthcare research.

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