Upgraded Life Festival is dead – long live Health100


Upgraded Life Festival is dead – long live Health100

Upgraded Life Festival has been around for six years. When we started, it was something new and exciting. We created the festival because we wanted to bring together all the relevant stakeholders in health to discuss, connect and push forward innovation and imaginative new solutions.

The festival has been a success, and for us, a great learning journey. We have been able to gather people together, and help them make the right and sometimes unexpected connections.

It has been a wonderful six years, but now it is time for change. Our goal is still the same, to bring together the innovators of health, but we felt a need to rethink whether Upgraded Life Festival was the best and most impactful way to achieve this. And so, we decided it is time to step out of our comfort zone into the unknown.

We want to raise the stakes and aim for the highest impact. That means saying goodbye to Upgraded Life Festival and welcoming Health100!

We want to bring together the people in healthcare who are at the forefront of the industry, not afraid to think big and willing to explore the thought of what healthcare can look like in 2050. The new event will focus on our startups and the stakeholders that are driving the change in the current healthcare system. We want to bring together the visionaries, the techies, the leaders, the innovators, the experts, the researchers, and politicians – the people who are passionate about healthcare and willing to push the boundaries and think outside the box.  

The new event will be different. It will be intimate, limited to 100 guests and invitation-only, but the vision will be much bigger and clearer. We are building a safe and trusting environment for open and straightforward conversations which will turn into moments of insights, connectedness and unexpected synergies. The ultimate goal is to share best practices, think ahead of time, and the current constraints and to find together the best solutions for future healthcare.

There will be facilitated sessions and inspiring keynotes, but the focus of the event will be at our 100 guests. We want our guests to spend an inspirational day together, not being tied down by schedules, agendas or empty talks, and thus being able to get straight to the point with other great minds. 

Health100 is an invitation-only event organized on October 2nd on Hanasaari.


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