Upgraded Life Festival from Startup Perspective – Highlights from 2015


Upgraded Life Festival from Startup Perspective – Highlights from 2015

This year, HealthSPA is hosting the third and largest Upgraded Life Festival. Between the first and second year of ULF, attendance more than doubled and the number of companies participating as exhibitors increased by approximately 35%. This year, with about one month still to go before the event, there are more than 50 speakers confirmed, nearly 60 companies participating as exhibitors, and an expectation of 1,000 attendees this year. As a first time attendee of ULF, I was curious to learn what it is about ULF that has made it grow so fast. To find out, I talked to four startups based in the capital region of Finland that have been with ULF since the start to learn what they like about the festival and how the festival benefits them.


When I asked Niina Venho, CEO of Moodmetric, the company behind the smart ring providing live biofeedback about the wearer’s stress and recovery, what she likes most about ULF, she was quick to praise the festival as a great networking opportunity for entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and anyone else interested in health and wellness technology. With a great line-up of companies participating every year, Niina has had the opportunity to meet both Finnish and international companies that she wouldn’t have been able to meet anywhere else. She has also been impressed with the active and energetic audience attending ULF, and she has always had a queue in front of her stand promoting Moodmetric. In past years, she has left ULF with interesting new partnerships and customers, and she is hoping for the same this year. Her favorite memory from past ULF festivals: “As a nice surprise, we receiveda prize from CoFounder Magazine. It was humorously named ‘The Most Beautiful Startup’. – All in all, it is great to be spotted!”

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Ida Lönnroth from Beddit, enjoys attending ULF as it is an excellent opportunity to connect with the local network in a company with an otherwise very international customer base. Ida is extremely excited to participate this year as Beddit launched a new service in March involving a more comprehensive sleep report than what the sleep tracker and app can offer. She is excited to introduce their new service model approach at ULF and is eager to receive feedback about the new concept! As the recipient of The Most Fundable Startup award at last year’s ULF, it will be really interesting to learn more about what Beddit has planned for the future!

Lauri Sippola, CEO of NetMedi, an online platform guiding cancer patients through their treatment and recovery, continues to participate in ULF every year as he believes it is the best event bringing together professionals in the health tech field in the Nordics. Lauri praised ULF as an excellent venue to meet people working in the new wave of health tech in Finland as it brings together the right medical and technology professionals with the specific skills needed to promote success in the growing health tech industry. NetMedi is currently growing rapidly, and this year Lauri and the rest of team are excited to share the exciting things currently happening at NetMedi with their collaborators and partners. When asked to describe a special memory from previous years, Lauri said that last year he was able to be onstage with early customers of NetMedi to tell the story of the early days of the company. A very special moment, indeed!    

NetMedin tiimi

Simo Suoheimo, co-founder of Ambronite, the drinkable supermeal, has enjoyed the previous two Upgraded Life Festivals as an event with positive energy that brings together a lot of people with a shared interest in improving their health and fitness. 


As Ambronite was founded in part to help adventurous people achieve their adventurous goals, ULF is a great fit for the Ambronite team to promote their product as attendees represent all facets of health and wellness–from enthusiasts to entrepreneurs to doctors and professionals–that are working toward their own personal goals for well-being while promoting a healthy lifestyle. In addition to ULF being the perfect venue to promote Ambronite and to connect with new customers, Simo also praised ULF as a place to hear the fascinating personal stories of how attendees, participants, and speakers came to be so passionate about health and wellness. He even fondly recalled these moments as his favorites from years past!

I thoroughly enjoyed my talks with each of these companies! All had only praise for the event, and as a first time participant to ULF, talking with Niina, Ida, Lauri, and Simo only increased my excitement about the possibilities that this event offers!

These four companies represent a very small selection of the interesting companies participating in ULF this year. Be sure to join on May 31 to find out what each company is all about to learn more about the growing Finnish health tech industry!

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