Three Steps for Achieving Top Results in International Healthcare


Three Steps for Achieving Top Results in International Healthcare

Actions speak louder than words. There is a great variety of advices and tips available for young start-ups that are eager to expand their operations out of the home zone. The harsh truth is that each of us has to find our own trail. And it most probably will not happen overnight.

At Netmedi, our mission is to create the leading digital solutions for data-driven, personalized health care. The company, founded in 2012 by five software developers deeply passionate about health care technology, has now grown to team of 15 dedicated employees. Kaiku® Health, our platform for collecting and analyzing patient-reported outcomes especially for cancer care, has supported over 8000 patients on their treatment and recovery. Currently 17 clinics and institutes in Finland, Sweden and Switzerland have integrated Kaiku® Health to their workflow.

We are proud of our results today, but also very inspired by the fact that this is just the beginning.

Looking back, the following three fundamental factors have defined our mindset and guided our first internationalization steps since those intense first days when starting at Aalto University:

Step 1:  World-class first references at home

Great references are essential proofs that your concept works. When you acquire these references at home, it is much easier to approach international customers.

We started to develop our product, Kaiku® Health, in close co-operation with patients, cancer researchers, clinics, doctors, and nurses in Finland. Through several pilot studies with amazing partners at both private, and university hospitals we have proved the clear benefits and functionality of Kaiku® Health.

Step 2: Think big and adopt a growth mindset

Energy flows where attention goes. Your focus ultimately determines the direction of your trail.

At Netmedi, we confirmed right away that the same need for better patient follow-up that we had recognized in Finland also existed worldwide. We went to meet some of the most recognized international experts from the field of oncology to gain insights for our product development already when we were still developing the first pilots in Finland. Thus, today Kaiku® Health complements the daily clinical routines effortlessly in several different countries.

In 2015, we announced our expanded co-operation with Radiotherapy Hirslanden, one of the Europe leading cancer therapy organizations. We started to collaborate and co-develop Kaiku Health together with their world-class team and now we have been excited to further expand our collaboration.

Step 3: Share the wisdom

Acknowledging customer needs and understanding the local requirements accordingly is crucial.

Healthcare industry is regulated everywhere, and there are plenty of both national and international standards that needs to be responded. At Netmedi, we have spent a great amount of time on the road, meeting face-to-face with hospitals and working together to solve sometimes quite specific local challenges. Our responsive and dedicated development team is often praised by our clients, whom have a direct contact to them as well.

Co-working with leading specialists in different countries guarantees that we are on a never ending learning curve. By sharing the best practices between different world-class organizations and simultaneously applying these insights to Kaiku® Health, all parties are able to reach completely new levels.

Last, but not least: Don’t wait. Book the flights and find your trail!


Lauri Sippola

CEO & Founder of Netmedi

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