The Future of Healthcare – Sustainable and Smart today


The Future of Healthcare – Sustainable and Smart today

Upgraded joined a new 1,5 year project funded by Nordic Innovation to target Nordic sustainable and smart healthcare.

The project is conducted together with our partners Nordic Center of Sustainable Healthcare (NCSH), a cross-sectoral umbrella organisation for stakeholders, organizations, projects and expert knowledge in the area of sustainable healthcare, and DTU Business, a part of the Danish Technical University. The project consists of several Nordic and international events aimed to bring Nordic knowledge on sustainable healthcare and smart healthtech solutions to a global market:

  • October 2nd 2019: This first event will be a high-level unconference, Health100, in Helsinki hosted by Upgraded, which will bring together 100 most impactful people of the Nordic health scene. This will be the kick-off of the project.
  • The second event will take place in Montreal on October 15-17th 2019 with the participation of several Canadian hospitals. This is primarily an export event driven mainly by the NCSH and directed towards stakeholders looking for Nordic sustainable solutions in healthcare. Check for more information here.
  • Spring of 2020 a delegation will go to the Netherlands. Both NCSH and Upgraded has a huge network in the Netherlands and the interest for Nordic sustainable healthcare is high and growing. Specific dates will be set once the project starts.
  • Late spring 2020 the Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare at DTU will take place in Copenhagen. The Nordic Sustainable Healthcare awards will here be presented for the forth year.
  • October 2020 a delegation to Yale University and Yale University Hospital in New Haven. Yale will also participate in Canada and invite a huge number of US- hospitals interested in sustainable healthcare. Dates will be set in June 2019.
  • October 2020, Health100 in Helsinki/other Nordic capital hosted by Upgraded will be a sum-up event and the end of the project.

The base of the project is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, and this funding from Nordic Innovation will expand the project initiated by the Nordic Center of Sustainable Healthcare and add a Nordic perspective.

More information on the project: 

Upgraded, Elena Prokofyeva,
Nordic Center of Sustainable Healthcare, Daniel Eriksson,
DTU, Sam Kondo Steffensen, 


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