Textual Selfies Can Heal


Textual Selfies Can Heal

You’ve seen a selfie. Picture that your friend post about herself eating, drinking, walking in a sunshine, showing funny face in minus 20 degrees… If you have not seen a selfie, then I think that you are not using internet at all.

Selfies can feel like foolish thing, but have you ever been thinking that selfies might be important in building identity? Selfies is a part of your self expression and getting feedback, especially if you are young and maybe not sure what is your place in this world. When you get heart or like, you feel good. When you get a bad comment about your hair, you feel bad.

But more common way to express yourself has been writing about yourself. It might been a diary, blog or doing mindfulness exercises online. Or telling your story in social media. Story might been dealing your current life challenges. When you write down your worries, it already makes you feel little bit better. You can try it yourself. By writing your troubles you are dealing your issues and projecting your feelings. So writing things down can help and can make you realise what is the problem.

Like in selfie pictures, you are “taking” a mental picture of your feelings and it down. I call them textual selfies, or texties. Great thing in taking textual selfies is that in several cases you don’t need replies. It already helps that you have been able to write your troubles down. When you make in social media, like many are doing in, you can get the feeling, that there are others who are listening or reading your story. Also that helps.

Some people who suffer mental health issues, big or small, think that they are alone with their problems. Even so there is several others who have experienced the same. So just writing about yourself and about the problem can help. I have seen this in our community, where people can find other who have experienced the same issues.

So I recommend you now take a textual selfie, it does not have to be long. Just couple words how you feel.

Happy texties 🙂

Jarno Alastalo, CEO,

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