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Apuväline 2019

Written by Iiris Tyni on July 15, 2019

(In English below.)

Apuväline-messut esittelee apuvälineet laajassa kirjossaan, on kyseessä sitten tuote, palvelu tai ratkaisu, sujuvan arjen helpottaja tai mahdollistaja.

Apuväline-tapahtuma on enemmän kuin nimensä. Apuväline on parhaimmillaan mahdollistaja. Onpa kyse sitten kodin askareista, liikkumisesta, kommunikoinnista tai matkustamisesta. Jokaisella meistä avun ja apuvälineiden tarve on yksilöllinen.

Tapahtuma tarjoaa tietoa, tuotteita, palveluja, erilaisia ratkaisuja sekä ammattilaisten että…Read More

Pfizer working with Finnish tech startup Popit to improve patient adherence

Written by Iiris Tyni on June 27, 2019

Only around 50% of patients with long-term illnesses adhere to their treatment, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). To help combat this, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has teamed up with Finnish health tech startup Popit to provide support to people taking rheumatoid arthritis medication. Pfizer patients will be offered Popit’s adherence…Read More

Navigil enables independent life for memory loss patients in Helsinki

Written by Iiris Tyni on June 25, 2019

The City of Helsinki provides Navigil’s wristwatches to approximately two hundred customers who suffer from memory loss diseases such as dementia. Customers can live at home, and if they leave outside a predesignated area, they can be tracked and contacted without any delay with the built-in mobile phone of Navigil’s…Read More

HealthHUB Tampere 4th Birthday Party

Written by Iiris Tyni on June 4, 2019

Come celebrate the 4th birthday of Tampere HealthHUB!

In the program: startups will share their experiences from HIMMS, free networking and cake & drinks will be served! The event is free and open for all. Welcome!


Event in Facebook:


Kevätkautemme alkaa lähestyä loppuaan, mutta ennen sitä vietämme…Read More

Upgraded member Emooter runner-up at Ramboll Bright Ideas Challenge

Written by Sara Härmälä on May 27, 2019
Picture by Ramboll

Emooter, a science-based tool for measuring and improving engagement, satisfaction and well-being at work, was selected as a runner up at the  Ramboll Bright Ideas Challenge week. Altogether nine carefully selected international startups took part in the challenge week at Ramboll’s new headquarters at the Ramboll Village: Chaos Architects, 8-bit-sheep,…Read More

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