Survey: Companies optimistic about the effect of the corona pandemic on the digital health industry


Survey: Companies optimistic about the effect of the corona pandemic on the digital health industry

Research2Guidance conducted a Survey on the impact of the corona pandemic on the global digital health industry. We gathered the key points in this article. (The full report is available here.)

R2G Survey was conducted between March 24 and April 8, 2020, with 513 healthcare industry representatives. 

Results in numbers:

Altogether, approximately a third of the participants expect that the pandemic will have a positive impact on the health industry (34%), another third expect a negative impact (31%), 24% is not sure what to expect and 11% do not expect major changes

The digital health sector seems to be the most optimistic with 44% of them expecting a positive impact. In contrast, hospitals and healthcare providers were the most pessimistic with 9% expecting a positive impact. Pharmaceutical companies, venture capitalists (VCs), accelerators and payer organizations had divided opinion.

Results were not the same all around the world, Asian companies were more pessimistic in comparison to European and American. A proportion of 36% of Asian companies expects a negative impact.

What will change in the digital health industry?

Key things stood out of the survey:

  • Patients acceptance of digital health services: 53% of participants expect it. As patients will start using digital health service, they might get used and stick to it.
  • Regulations will change, it will be easier to access the market. Security and data protection rules will become smarter. This is the opinion of 42% of the participants.
  • There will be an increase in acceptance of payers (39% of participants agreed)
  • The crisis will drive higher investment in the digital health sector (17% of participants agreed)

Most participants (67%) expect that the changes will last. However, 52% of Asian companies believe that the changes resulting after the pandemic will be temporary and not be lasting after the outbreak.

What is your opinion on the impact of the pandemic on the healthcare industry? Do you agree with the vast majority of participants and believe that the positive changes in the digital health industry will last?

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