Startup Story: Netmedi


Startup Story: Netmedi

Netmedi is a Finnish digital health solution provider founded in the end of 2012. Their first product, Kaiku® Oncology is a software for patient-driven cancer follow-up that helps patients to communicate easily with their care teams. Kaiku® is already supporting the daily care in hospitals in Finland, Sweden and Switzerland. We wanted to know what brought Netmedi on the path to be the pioneer in patient-focused software in Europe and what their next steps are.

Kaiku® Oncology is a web application.

You have developed your solution Kaiku in co-operation with cancer centers in Finland and Switzerland. Can you tell us more about Kaiku, can it be used in other environments than just cancer hospitals?

Kaiku is a web application that connects patients securely with their care teams on any mobile device – smartphone, tablet or computer. Patients can keep track of the progress of their treatment and communicate securely with their care team. It is an advanced tool for patient-reported outcome measurement (PROM). This is especially important in cancer care where possible adverse effects need to be carefully followed to provide the optimal care and quality of life for the patients. It is also very important for the patients to stay securely connected to their care teams.

We were the first in the Nordics to implement a patient-reported outcomes solution to daily cancer care. Currently cutting-edge hospitals in Finland, Sweden and Switzerland are using Kaiku. Definitely, there are also many other medical specialties besides oncology where Kaiku could support patient-centered care. For instance, the Family Federation of Finland – the biggest treatment and research organization for infertility in Finland – has implemented Kaiku to support the close connection between their patients and staff.

How did you actually come up with the idea for Netmedi?

We started to develop Netmedi originally as a research project at Aalto University. Our CEO Lauri comes from a family line of doctors and engineers and he has grown up hearing about the problems with the scattered patient-doctor communication. This led us to study the role of the patient in today’s healthcare. In our research, we immediately witnessed the lacking patient voice as well as poor information flow in today’s systems. We decided to change this by developing Kaiku to truly support patient focused care.

Team: Henri (left), Otto, Kaarlo, Lauri and Joel founded Netmedi based on their research at Aalto University.

Henri (left), Otto, Kaarlo, Lauri and Joel founded Netmedi based on their research at Aalto University.

You opened an office this year in Germany. How has Kaiku been received there?

We are excited about the response in Central Europe. Overall, the trend is that care is becoming more and more patient-centered and personalized – this is the same in Central-Europe as in Finland. We have seen a clear demand to improve the quality of care through patient-driven outcome follow-up. We have just started but we already expect excellent results.

What else have you been up to?

We tripled our sales last year and we were invited to the Young Innovative Companies (YIC) programme by TEKES, The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. As our operations have been growing, we have been on the hunt for new talented team members. We have recruited people both to our Helsinki-based development team and to our new office in Central Europe. Our co-owner Reaktor POLTE and our advisors have been a big support for us when setting up an effective recruitment process. Now we are altogether 7 people in Helsinki and 2 in Central Europe.

What is in store for Netmedi and Kaiku in the future?

We are determined to set a new standard for healthcare software. We have created and implemented a leading PROM solution for cancer care and we will speed up the internationalization. At the same time, we see many more opportunities where Kaiku will be scaled.

Docrates Cancer Center in Helsinki was the first to implement a PROM solution into daily care in the Nordics.

Docrates Cancer Center in Helsinki was the first to implement a PROM solution into daily care in the Nordics.

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