Startup Story: Movendos


Startup Story: Movendos

Movendos was founded in 2012 and is based in Tampere. They have created an online coaching tool called mCoach, that will help you to reach your goals. We had their CEO, Arto Leppisaari, answer some of our questions.

What made you notice that there was a need for an online coaching tool?

Why 88 % of New Year resolutions fail, why two out of three US citizens are overweight and why mental health problems are growing rapidly? We all know the benefits of exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management and social relationships, but still lifestyle diseases are the biggest cost in our healthcare system by far. It´s not lack of information, but lack of right actions in everyday life. It’s challenging to find the motivation for change and small behavior changes in everyday life that make the difference.

There are tons of apps and wellness sensors available but the people who need the change the most are not motivated to look for those solutions. Most of the apps and sensors also leave people alone. Research shows that sustained lifestyle change can be reached with the help of a personal coach, a real person who helps you to find out your values and motivation and guides you through the change process. We reached out for coaches to ask what the biggest problems in their work are and what kind of tools they would need to effectively combine face-to-face meetings and remote coaching. We want to bring the support of a personal coach available for anyone in a cost-effective way.

How did your team come together?

Our roots are in the personal health informatics research at Tampere University of Technology. Group of wellness technology and business experts from Nokia teamed up with health coaching professionals and behavior scientists to develop mobile tools for behavior change process.  Since starting the work 2012, we have expanded our team and have been lucky to find persons with passion to improve people’s lives.

Who can use Movendos mCoach?

Everyone who wants to change habits or improve their own wellbeing or performance with the help of professional coach. Coaching program can include tasks not only for physical exercises but for sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, social relationships, daily work management, career management etc. It is great to see that mCoach supports the change process for many different user groups from young adults to elderly people and from weight loss to stress management and career coaching. mCoach is used by various professionals such as occupational health nurses, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, personal trainers, doctors, life coaches and nutrition specialists.

What plans do you have next for Movendos?

We do persistent work to encourage professionals for new kind of wellness and habit change coaching: by giving support and motivation in the coachee’s every day life, it’s possible to reach sustained results and see healthier and happier people. This is not only rewarding for individual quality of life, but also a huge value for the society.

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