Startup Story: Checkmylevel


Startup Story: Checkmylevel

Checkmylevel is a health & tech company founded in 2010 and based in Oulu. Their product monitors your recovery level and helps you to optimize your training by using a revolutionary way to assess and monitor training readiness and recovery. We had a chat with Ville Simola, VP Marketing at the company.


How did it all begin?

It all began on a dark and cold winter night in Oulu. An inventor discovered that the specific low-voltage current can be used to analyze the state of one’s body. In practice, the fatigue and physical training readiness of the body. Later on her invention was taken forward and the company introduced its first product that was designed for physiotherapists and other medical professionals. Checkmylevel is the next generation version of the product using the same methodology and technology.

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Tell us a bit more about your team. How did you end up working together?

Our team is a combination of tech and business. We are distributed in two locations; tech team is based on Oulu and the business-side is located in Espoo. Most of us have background in sports which is quite natural since our product is mostly targeted for professional athletes.

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What it the technology behind your product?

Checkmylevel uses low-voltage current to stimulate the nervous system. To be more precise the peripheral nervous system. Based on a reaction activated in a body the device is then able to measure the amount of fatigue in one’s body. The analysis combines results from both the physical fatigue and fatigue caused by mental stress. In general, we can say that there are 5 key components that affect the result: physical training, sleep, nutrition, stress and some hormonal factors.

The test is recommended to be done once a day preferably in the morning. The test is really fast and it only takes about 30 seconds to fully analyze the state of the body. All the results are then displayed for the user by using a mobile app. Users will get real-time information about their training readiness and also training recommendations. This information then helps the users to optimize training, avoid injuries and reduce the risk for overtraining.

Who can use your product and where can we buy it from?

Like said the product is mainly designer for professional and semi-professional athletes but it also works with recreational people who are training with a goal-oriented mind set. I consider myself in the latter user category since I spent 10 hours every week to train for my next triathlon race taking place in the summer.

The product does not focus on any specific sport but we’ve discover that biggest value is gained when the user is also engaged with explosive power training.  It can be purchased directly from our online store: or then from one of local distributors located all over Europe.

What’s next on the agenda for Checkmylevel?

We’ve now had the product in the market for a bit over a year. Our next steps are to expand our market reach through distributors and also to open sales in the US market. We also continuously developing the product based on the feedback we get from our users.

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