Smart Recovery Solutions


Smart Recovery Solutions

As the Finnish race season approaches, runners all over Finland are deep into training mode. Kilometers, paces, and heart rates are being tracked and logged. Each tempo run is faster and every long run is longer than the last. But what about rest and recovery? How many are paying close enough to attention to these too often overlooked aspects of smart training?

Rest and recovery can be very tricky to get right. Does that twinge in your hamstring mean you need to stretch a little more, or does it indicate that you need a week off? Even though your muscles feel fine after that 20K run, are you really recovered well enough to do that recovery 8K you had planned for the following day?

Luckily some Finnish companies have you covered to help you better assess your recovery and to help you get the most out of your training! Read on to learn how to maximize your training!



FirstBeat uses heartbeat data to assess exercise, stress, and sleep. FirstBeat Technology is used by both professional and amateur athletes, and it can be found in over 50 products, including smart and training watches from Samsung, Suunto, and Garmin. With FirstBeat, users can gain personalized insights into their fitness level and to the effectiveness of their training. Through this, users can learn if the workout is improving fitness, or if they are underperforming due to needed rest. FirstBeat products can also measure heart rate during sleep to provide a more comprehensive estimate of rest and recovery time.


Myontec measures performance by directly measuring muscles. Myontec’s Mbody shorts designed for cyclists, duathletes, and runners are designed to enhance performance and reduce injury risk. They can be used in real time to measure muscle load so that users can know when their muscles are properly warmed up for intense activity. Warm-up can also be personalized for the duration, intensity, and type of activity that is planned that day. Mbody also analyzes the balance of stress to the different muscle groups in the lower body, allowing the user to detect and correct muscle imbalances before injury occurs.


RecoApp pairs with smart clothing to improve understanding of the appropriate amount of time needed for muscle recovery. RecoApp’s methods help users maximize their training by finding their ‘supercompensation’ zone. Supercompensation is the zone of training post-recovery where the performance is higher than it was prior to the previous training session. RecoApp measures and interprets the data collected by smart clothing and displays the information in an easy to understand visualization. The app uses a figure of a human and a traffic light system to alert users to what stage of recovery different muscle groups are in.

In the unfortunate instance that some imbalance occurs and rehabilitation is needed, Eho Textiles and Kineso provide unique solutions.

Eho Textiles

Eho Textiles, an early stage Finland based company taking part in Vertical’s spring acceleration program, is developing a sock with sensors along the bottom of the foot in order to assess gait. The gait data is uploaded directly to a cloud service via an app. The data collected by Eho Textiles’s socks give a clearer picture of the gait throughout a workout or throughout the day and can help physiotherapists better diagnose and treat gait imbalances that can lead to injury.


Kineso offers a mobile solution for physiotherapists and patients. With the Kineso app, users can browse and watch 3D animations of several stretches and exercises. The interactive service allows for zooming and 360 degree rotation in order to best understand the proper movement. The app also highlights the areas of the body that should feel the exercise as well as the areas that will feel pain if the exercise is done incorrectly. Kineso also offers a customizable program where instructions can be edited and exercise plans can be updated daily or weekly.

As you proceed with your training keep the big picture mind and remember that your body will only absorb the training if it is allowed adequate time to rest and recover. Chronic fatigue leads to plateaus and greatly increases your risk of injury.

Happy racing!

The products presented here are just a small selection of wearable and tech companies that can help athletes maximize their training and avoid injury. For more information about these and other companies, join the Upgraded Life Festival on May 31!

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