Promoting health and well-being technology for healthcare professionals in home care and rehabilitation


Promoting health and well-being technology for healthcare professionals in home care and rehabilitation

TEKNO - Smooth Expertise in Health and Well-being Technology is a 2-year project funded by the European Social Fund. The main beneficiary is Laurea UAS and the other beneficiaries are Posintra, Vantaa Invalidit ry and Upgraded.

During the past year we have been actively part of a project called TEKNO that has a mission to support the expertise of social and healthcare workers, students and individual citizens in the fields of well-being and healthcare technology.

Structural changes in social and healthcare caused by the aging population and the growing emphasis on self-directed care, puts pressure on the technology expertise and on service production companies in the healthcare field. It is utmost important that the healthcare professionals and social workers have a sufficient level of knowledge of existing technological solutions and the expertise to guide customers in the use of technology.

One goal of the TEKNO-project has been to support startup entrepreneurs working within the fields of health and well-being. This has been done by creating awareness of their solutions and by enhancing the networking opportunities between them and other entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals, as well as larger entities providing healthcare services.

This spring we have together with 12 startups created educational videos presenting their technological solutions. These videos will be shared on the virtual welfare and healthcare technology platform (in Finnish), and will serve as a promotion for the technological solutions available, but also educate in the use of these technologies. At the moment the videos can be found at the Upgraded YouTube -channel.

To increase networking between the different parties in the fields of health and well-being, and to give opportunities in familiarizing with the available technologies first hand, we have during the past year been part of organising two events, the so called “Tekno-tärskyt” (eng. “Tekno-meetup”). One of them was held at Upgraded Life Festival on the 31st of May, providing simultaneously the attendees a chance to get a glance of the health tech scene on a broader scale.

Startups working with home care and rehabilitation, such as VideoVisit, PeiliVision, Glucostratus and Physilect have met with private entrepreneurs and small business owners working in healthcare, physiotherapy, homecare and social work, within the Uusimaa region. Larger companies as well as the public sector, including services for rehabilitation and assisted living, have also joined the networking.

In May, the Tekno-project had the honor to organize a meetup between a few startups and a high level delegation of homecare stakeholders from the Netherlands. The aim was to enhance international relationships and to get valuable insights about the similarities and differences in the markets. Discussions continue and we hope to see active collaboration between the Dutch and Finnish home care innovations in the future!

Dutch high level delegation of homecare stakeholders visited startups involved in TEKNO in a lunch meetup at Maria 01 in May 2018.


The TEKNO-project continues until the beginning of 2019! If you’re startup or entrepreneur with a solution for home care or rehabilitation, or an healthcare professional or individual interested in healthcare technologies, please be in contact by sending an email to We’re glad to have you involved!

The TEKNO-project is a joint effort of Laurea University of Applied Sciences,  Posintra Oy, Upgraded and Vantaan Invalidit. The project is primarily funded by the European Social Fund ESF.


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