Projects are an important part of Upgraded’s operations and helping the startups.

At the moment we’re involved in the following projects:

TEKNO - Smooth Expertise in Health and Well-being Technology is a 2-year project funded by the European Social Fund. The main beneficiary is Laurea UAS and the other beneficiaries are Posintra, Vantaa Invalidit ry and Upgraded.

TEKNO (together with Laurea University of Applied Sciences,  Posintra Oy and Vantaan Invalidit. The project is primarily funded by the European Social Fund ESF.)

The focus of TEKNO is to support the expertise of social and healthcare workers, students and individual citizens in the fields of well-being and healthcare technology.

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Pilotit Pyörimään – Spinning Pilots (together with Laurea and Metropolia Universities of Applied Sciences, entrepreneurship society Helsinki Think Company)

Project is project funded by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council. The goal of the project is to promote the growth and networking of the Helsinki-Uusimaa region’s health tech companies on foreign markets.

One of the aims of the projects was to enhance innovation cooperation between companies and Universities. We identified two models or “best practises” – cooperation deriving from the needs of the community (1)  and cooperation based on the needs of the University (2).

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