Patenting is an important tool for value creation and growth for startups


Patenting is an important tool for value creation and growth for startups

Developing an IPR strategy tailored to individual startups is a complex challenge, not least because it is unreasonable to patent all patentable inventions. For example, it is advisable to carefully consider patenting a new, alternative manufacturing method for a known product, as it is often difficult or even impossible for competitors to copy such an invention – at least by legal means.

If a startup company ends up as part of its IPR strategy to protect its products with patents, it is preferable to focus on the quality of patent applications rather than on their number. In terms of quality, i.e. in particular, precise, extensive and versatile claims, a comprehensive explanation, clear images, and expert application handling. By investing in the quality of patent applications at the drafting stage, the likelihood of obtaining a valuable patent family based on a wide range of technologies relevant to their own technology can be increased.

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Text: Jorma Selin / Papula-Nevinpat
English summary: Sara Härmälä / Upgraded

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