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Smash – Global Sustainable Sports Hackathon

AprilApr 212021

Smash – Global Sustainable Sports Hackathon

SMASH Hackaton, 21-23.4.2021

SMASH Hackathon looks for solutions that increase sustainability of global sports events and business.

In SMASH Hackathon, participating teams have 48 hours to build and present solutions that address the challenge of how to increase sustainability of global sports events and business.

The purpose of a hackathon is to serve as a catalyst for new beginnings, cooperation and initiatives. During the SMASH hackathon participating teams create solutions for the challenge in teams. Participants can be experts, startups, SMEs or university-based teams.

SMASH Hackathon takes place fully online. Participants will receive links and information how to participate. For most common questions concerning hackathon please read through the FAQ section below.


1. What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where innovative people come together to create solutions for real-life challenges in a limited time.

2. Who can take part in it?

To be a successfull and an impactful event a hackathon needs
i) challenge-owners who are interested for the chosen challenge that is being hacked. Challenge owners also provides resources and connections for the best teams for further development
ii) Participating teams who create solutions for the challenge. Teams can be experts, startups, SMEs or university-based
iii) Support organisations who support and mentor the teams. Support organisations help teams to create and develop solutions by for example providing mentors during the hackathon. Support organisations share interest in the results and the theme of a hackathon.

3. What are the outcomes of a Hackathon?

Outcomes of a hackathon must be something tangible and actionable that the challenge-owner can implement together with the teams. For example:
• a new concept
• functional demo or prototype
• new service or product
• digital solution

4. Who owns the IPR?

The IPR of the potential solutions created before or during the hackathon is property of the teams. Any transfer of IPR between participants and challenge-owner(s) will be agreed separately.

However, in general during a hackathon ideas are ment to be shared openly with others.

5. How to register?

Registration is free of charge. You can do it with via this link:
Minimum team size is 2 persons.

Chinese participants register:
Liang Xu
Mobile: +358 45 127 2668 (Also WhatsApp)
Wechat: Liangxu1015

6. Can participants join with an existing solution?

Yes, you may join SMASH Hackathon if you have previously created something that can address the challenge. Use the event for developing your solution further and making valuable connections.

All info and register on their website: click here!

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April 21, 2021
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