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IOT/WT Innovation World Cup

OctoberOct 22018

IOT/WT Innovation World Cup

Become part of the leading innovation ecosystem and get the chance to win prizes worth more than 500,000 USD, including a cash prize of 10,000 Euros. Gain valuable business connections that help to boost your solution’s development and go-to-market approach. Submissions 27 February to 2 October 2018.

As the Internet of Things is changing the way technologies integrate in business operations, an industrial revolution is waiting just around the corner! This revolution has a huge impact on the industrial environment and everyday lives, which is why we look for the front runners who have the potential to disrupt the existing paths and lead us to the new IoT era in the following categories:

Industrial | Agriculture | Transport | Healthcare | Retail | Home | City | Lifestyle |

It’s time to thrive your innovation further! Submit your solution, get your free development kit offered by our partners including STMicroelectronics and compete in the special prizes powered by EBV Elektronik,  LoRa Alliance™, Gemalto & AIQ Smart Clothing.

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October 2, 2018
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