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Free living lab services in Denmark & Poland valued 5000 EUR

NovemberNov 302019

Free living lab services in Denmark & Poland valued 5000 EUR



Product Validation In Health ProVaHealth project – is looking for SMEs with an idea which needs fine-tuning before being ready for market or SME’s with the ambition to introduce a validated product to a new market in the Baltic Sea Region. They are offering an opportunity for a free test at one of the sites valued at 5000 EUR.

For Finnish companies, there are two sites available based on the EU-rules governing the project:

  1. The Region Zealand Hospital Denmark
    Contact: Erik Brander and Esther Davidsen
  2. Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development Ltd. (GAPR) Poland
    Contact: Beata Krawczyk

ProVaHealth aims to facilitate access to health infrastructure for startups aiming at commercialisation, also giving the opportunity of verification by gathering useful feedback for companies wanting to enter the market and develop the product. The project is looking to remove barriers for the slow market uptake of innovations and facilitate market access for small and medium-sized companies working within health. Information about all Living Labs could found here.

A few requirements and points of interest

  • Testing may occur from October 2018 to November 2019.
  • The total value of the test is valued at 5000 EUR which is considered state aid. This may be used as the beginning of more testing outside the project. For participation, you will have to comply with EU de minimis regulation.
  • Based on the test, a report and analyses will be available with open-access principle, financial data and specific technical aspects will not be made public.
  • SME’s commit to the intention of applying 50.000 EUR to “develop, fine-tune and market their products and services” based on this test. There is no timeframe for this commitment.

If you choose to engage in the test we offer

  • The chance to receive a co-financed pilot of a product or service in a partner Living Lab.
  • To have your company profile published on
  • To have news and information from your company published in the monthly ScanBalt Business Information newsletter (approx. 15.000 subscribers).
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November 30, 2019
More information about ProVaHealth
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