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Employ with Competence – a free service to support the growth of your business

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Employ with Competence – a free service to support the growth of your business

  • Entrepreneur, is there more work than you can handle?
  • Do you think your business has potential to grow if only you could find the right person?
  • Are you wondering whether you should recruit or lease employees or buy labour, for instance?
  • What kind of contracts should be concluded when acquiring labour or employees?

If you are wondering about these questions, the Employ with Competence service is your solution!

Free advisory service
The Employ with Competence service provides individual coaching on the different ways to acquire labour. You will learn how to use the services designed for recruitment purposes and for buying or leasing labour. Furthermore, your will develop your capabilities as an employer. Our consultants provide you with concrete advice personalised to your individual situation.

Who is it for
The service is intended for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses who are:
● currently in need of an employee or labour, and would benefit from concrete advice related to the matter; or
● new employers and wish to get advice on being an employer.
The service is intended for entrepreneurs with little experience of recruiting or acting as an employer. The service is available throughout Finland.

What is included in the service
Employ with Competence is a service that provides entrepreneurs with advice on recruiting and acting as an employer. The service includes a mapping of the entrepreneur’s service needs and current situation, 1 to 3 hours of personalised advice and a final sparring session. The service is tailored to each company’s individual needs, focusing on the most suitable and effective ways to acquire labour in its particular situation. The aim is to help entrepreneurs to proceed in acquiring labour so that any possible employment or other contractual relationships will have a good start. Furthermore, participants will get access to a database of guidelines and an individual written plan to support their progress.

The themes of the service include:

  • recruiting
  • buying labour
  • hiring labour
  • employment contracts or other contractual agreements on acquiring labour
  • employer’s rights and obligations
  • finding suitable candidates, job advertisements and employer image
  • financial support related to employment
  • public and private employment services

The service is free of charge to entrepreneurs. It is provided by the TE Office and carried out by private service providers. Participants can choose the service provider they want. All providers’ services are available throughout Finland by phone and video connection at a minimum. The availability of face-to-face service varies from region to region.

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How to get involved: 

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More information:
For further information, please contact at or get in touch with the service providers directly.
Meeri Haapakoski, Project Planner
+358 295 040515

TE Office website:

Työllistä taidolla (Employ with Competence) is a nationwide project financed and managed by the Uusimaa TE Office and the ELY Centre for Uusimaa. The aim of the service is to support businesses in delivering solid growth by providing free information and advice on being an employer and on the different ways to acquire labour as well as making it easier to find suitable candidates. The service is provided by the TE Office but carried out by private service providers. The service is available in 15 different ELY areas.

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December 31, 2019
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