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crEATe – New Food Innovation Ecosystem

JanuaryJan 242019

crEATe – New Food Innovation Ecosystem

crEATe is an innovation ecosystem orchestrated by VTT, Fazer and IBM and open to actors interested in new business opportunities around food and eating. Our mission is to develop vitality-enhancing, personalised and sustainable food and eating solutions that are meaningful to consumers, clients and communities.

The innovation ecosystem applies new technologies and business models, which facilitate development of the new solutions. Create is an open innovation ecosystem, which welcomes all interested partners regardless of the size and field of industry. Create is mainly directed for companies, but also individuals can enquire possibilities to participate.

crEATe vision is to establish a new role for food and eating as a source of joy,
wellbeing, sustainability and novel business models.

crEATe activities are twined around three impact areas:
• People’s vitality
• Sustainability
• Customer experience and restaurant solutions

Through these impact areas, crEATe focuses on human, environmental sustainability and responsibility, and business aspects of food and eating. ‘People’s vitality’ takes human in the centre and concentrates in supporting vitality-enhancing food consumption behaviour. ‘Sustainability’ focuses on solutions that promote environmental and responsibility aspects of food in all steps of food value chain. ‘Customer experience and restaurant solutions’ concentrates on business processes and development opportunities to create added value.

The heart of the ecosystem is research and innovation restaurant ‘TestEat’ located in Munkkiniemi, Helsinki. This research facility welcomes you to implement and study your solutions in real-life consumption and operating environment. The restaurant is equipped with modern consumer research technologies such as depth sensor system, and IoT platform, which enables data collection and integration from multiple sources. The physical and digital infrastructure is modifiable and designed for easy implementation of various technological solutions in both dining hall and kitchen.

Ecosystem activities are based on R&D&I projects related to the impact areas. In addition, they will organise regular ecosystem events with varying themes.

Kickoff 2019

Join the ecosystem by submitting your project proposal:

crEATe will start activities in 24th of January 2019
with kick-off event organised in their research and innovation restaurant TestEAT.

More info about the crEATe ecosystem.
More info about the restaurant TestEAT.

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January 24, 2019
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