Novartis expanding its Nordic health innovations network in 2021


Novartis expanding its Nordic health innovations network in 2021

In a recent interview with Finnish health news platform, Hoiva&Terveys, CEO Antti Viitanen from Novartis Finland Oy also mentions the company’s ongoing collaboration with Upgraded members Popit and Precordior.

The Novartis Biome is a global network through which Novartis reinforces its collaboration with startups to co-develop digital health innovations. 

In a recent Hoiva&Terveys article, CEO Antti Viitanen speaks about the network’s goals for the coming year, mentioning that there is special interest in strengthening the network in the Nordics. The potential of Finnish research and data, as well as the startup ecosystem here has been noted internationally, he says.

Top-class talent and visionary founders

In the article, Viitanen elaborates on the factors Novartis values most when it comes to choosing startups to work with:

– The most important thing is to choose startups with top-class competence, researchers or visionary founders. These companies manifest the will and energy to develop the industry further. 

Novartis is already collaborating with two Finnish health startups, Upgraded members Popit and Precordior. Popit is the creator of a smart pill tracking solution and together with Novartis, they have begun to map out potential joint projects. Precordior is the company behind CardioSignal, a smartphone solution to detect atrial fibrillation. With Novartis, they are collaborating to develop the care of patients suffering from heart failure.  

Antti Viitanen also mentions the partnership between Novartis and Upgraded, which has focused on topics such as patient pathways.

You can read the full article (24.11.2020) on the Hoiva&Terveys online platform. This article is in Finnish and only visible to the platform’s subscribers.

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