New Director at Upgraded!


New Director at Upgraded!

Time really flies when you’re having fun – I can’t believe I’ve been part of Upgraded already for almost a month now. Since I had a bit of a jump-start joining the team the same week we had Upgraded Life Festival, a little introduction now that the dust has settled seems to be in order.

My name is Sara Härmälä, I’m originally from Espoo but have lived in Helsinki for 12 years now. I have an MA degree in History and I’m currently working on my MBA in Service Innovation and Design. Before joining Upgraded, I worked for three years in a startup(ish) Frank Students first as Operations Manager, then as Head of People Operations and finally as Acting Managing Director. Before Frank, I worked as Secretary-General (i.e. Director) in the Student Union of Metropolia UAS, and I also have lot of experience from different non-profits from various fields.

My main motivator in life (and in business) is to do something meaningful, and I believe the best way to do it is through co-creation – only then can we be sure that the decisions that we make actually bring added value to everyone involved. That is what probably attracted me in Upgraded – I genuinely believe that by working together to enhance our health-ecosystem, we will all thrive and leverage the health startups to where they are supposed to be: Finland’s crown-jewel of exports, the agile force pushing to develop and softly (but firmly) pushing the Finnish healthcare system towards new solutions and ideas – of course for the benefit of the end-users -, and through Upgraded also an active voice in the society.

But even more than these high visions of the industry, I want to see Upgraded really become  a community where health startups can share experiences, network, find help and discover synergies and also create beneficial partnerships. And for that, we need your help.

We want to hear about your needs, expectations and ambitions. We want to learn what kind of value proposition we at Upgraded should offer to you members, and how to develop our service further. I will be contacting you all personally and hopefully have a chat about you, your companies and how you see Upgraded now and in the future. Upgraded has been here for five years now – what the next five years will bring is up to you. Alone Upgraded can do so little, but together we can do so much!

Wishing you all an energetic, sunny and hopefully also relaxing and restorative summer!

Twitter: @saraharmala

P.S. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or the team if you have any ideas, wishes or questions regarding Upgraded – we’re here for you!

Photo by Vilma Rimpelä / Rajatuotanto

Team Upgraded wishes you a great summer!


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