Navigating the health ecosystem with digital innovators


Navigating the health ecosystem with digital innovators

“We put stuff into airplanes. If it doesn´t work, people die.”

This is how my Australian colleague, a true sharpshooting salesman, described Garmin´s key differentiator within the fiercely competed wearable market. This is as good as a sales argument can get. Especially if you use it with a strong Aussie accent.

The Navigator

Garmin is globally known for its GPS navigation solutions for aviation, automotive, marine and outdoor businesses. Being engineered on the inside for life on the outside, these products help people on their way from A to B in a most secure and convenient way.

If you would ask my mother or my kids to explain what I do for living, they´d say that: “It has something to do with GPS and maps”. Well, in certain respect it does since our line of activity trackers, smartwatches or the Index Scale help people to track activity, sleep, weight or other health relevant data.  All of these being coordinates and signposts for navigating towards a healthier lifestyle or a better performance. Although an individual health navigation is very personal and context specific, relevant and reliable data is helpful for making the rights turns.

The digital health ecosystem needs bright minds

These “turns” get complex while traditional activity tracking is combined with elements like nutrition, sleep and stress. And as wellness is being complemented with themes like prevention, diagnosis and treatment, no single company can tackle the challenges and exploit opportunities on its own.

Hence, Garmin focuses on providing robust, high quality devices and their easy integration onto digital platforms and services. We define our role as being the forerunner in the ecosystem, creating joint solutions for a healthier population – for insurance, corporate health or for patient monitoring purposes.

We have more than 300 integrated partners, being specialized in various health challenges and regional contexts. These are blue chips, care providers, health start-ups, digital innovators and other bright minds. We are particularly happy to see many Nordic companies as our partners that already have left their footprint in Garmin´s global health business. H2H Performance, Fjuul and Wellmo to name a few.

We believe in a shared value generation in a convergent ecosystem and are looking forward to share ideas for joint opportunities. Upgraded Life Festival in Helsinki is a great place to start sharing.

See you there!

Visit us at the Upgraded Life Festival: Stand A15
Garmin Insights & Presentation: Day 2, 12:30 Main Stage

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