Moving on up: public and private companies made concrete proposals on developing cooperation with startups


Moving on up: public and private companies made concrete proposals on developing cooperation with startups

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Last week at the “Moving on up – partner up with public sector for growth in health” event public sector operators and large companies gave concrete examples of how they want to work with startups. This was a unique setting with the bigger players stepping into the shoes of startups and pitching their collaboration ideas to the audience. Here are the highlights and the full stream is available online.

World Health Organization

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: “As a World’s scaler of health innovations, we want to support evidence-based innovations that meet the demand of the countries and are helping to reduce the inequity in the World”. At Slush, a new initiative was announced – Innovation hub that is focusing on scaling the innovations and making an impact on the country level.


Ben Wiegand, Global Head of the World Without Disease Accelerator at Janssen R&D, mentioned J&J is waiting to collaborate with Finnish startups to make diseases become historic artefacts, starting with type 1 diabetes, lung and colorectal cancers. Check World without disease accelerator.

Orion Pharma

Sammeli Liikkanen, Chief Digital Officer and the Head of X Lab unit: “Orion is welcoming startups to join Orion in creating new services”. They are looking for solutions and services that help patients in their daily lives and help Orion make exciting treatment even better or make completely new treatment. “Patients don’t care is it a capsule or digital solution, they want to get better”. Areas of interest: CNS, Oncology, Respiratory, Selfcare, Animal Care.


Ville Väärälä, Client Executive: “Startups, we are looking forward working with you and help to scale up, and one of the interesting markets with exciting challenges is Japan with their ageing population”. Fujitsu is also organising Fujitsu Forum Startup Award.

Oulu City Hospital

Eila Erkkilä, Chief Physician: “Oulu city hospital is looking forward to a waiting room revolution. Can your smartphone become your nurse to speed up the care process and minimize the waiting time, asking questions, checking symptoms and taking measurements?” Go to OuluHealth Labs and contact them.

South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote)

Toni Suihko, Chief Information Officer proposed two challenges: Marketplace for elderly people’s daily work and Connection place with peer group support for immigrants with the working skills and companies with market needs.

HUS Findery

Katariina Rouvinen and Alec Hellström: “Findery is bridging the gaps between startups and clinicians, and roughly 10% has undergone studies together with us”. They’ll get the startups in front of the right people. For startups invited to pitch, they need to be clinically relevant for the medical speciality in question, have a clear proposal and understand what medical speciality will benefit from the solution. At the moment, Findery is organised in the morning meetings of the clinical speciality units, the 2019 events will be held in HUS Pediatric clinic and HUS Neurology unit.  Contact them directly by email (Katariina, Alec) or through Facebook page.


Päivi Hokkanen, Development Director and Riku Korhonen, Solution Architect. SoteDigi is a public development company providing new digital welfare and healthcare services. They are looking for ways to slow down the growing costs of healthcare and motivate people to use the digital services for their wellbeing. They are offering 10 000 € with the best welfaretainment solution. If the idea is good enough, they reserved another 100 000 for its implementation. Send your competition proposal by 31.1.2019.

Kela: social security institution of Finland Kela

Marjukka Turunen, Director of Change Management: “Kela has a lot of data about their customers and we are now looking for the ways to put this data into use for e.g. preventative measures”. They are welcoming startups to work together on a National datalake and help Kela to make the better use of the data.

Slush 2018 Official Side event “Moving on up – partner with public sector for growth in health” was organized by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM), the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and Business Finland. Upgraded Health Startup Association had a pleasure to be a part of the organizing team, bringing insights from the Finnish health startup ecosystem.

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