Motivade – Collaboration with Liikkuva koulu


Motivade – Collaboration with Liikkuva koulu

Motivade offers online training tools for personal trainers and their clients and also for all fitness enthusiasts. Motivade was founded in 2012 and their goal is to help people stay motivated to get healthier. We wanted to know more about their collaboration with Liikkuva koulu so we had a short interview with them.

You announced in March that you’re collaborating with Liikkuva Koulu (Finnish Schools on the Move). How did this come about?

It all started from an article published in Helsingin Sanomat. We realized that our Workplace Wellness service could easily be tailored for schools. Inactivity is a major problem among children around the world. Only one in every five children aged 13-15 meet the international physical activity target, which is 1 hour per day. Motivade wants to contribute to helping children embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle. That’s one of the best future investments you can think of.

How does it work then? What kinds of things can the pupils and teachers do?

Pupils and teachers track their activities at or with mobile apps. To a large extent the service is the same compared to regular users. Everyone has a personal weekly target to meet. However, schools can enjoy additional features such as activity statistics and the possibility to create classes within the school. Our virtual trainers and peers help in reaching the set target by giving positive social pressure.  Motivade makes it possible to create all kinds of motivational fitness challenges. An example would be a ‘500 km Cycling Challenge’ where the entire class is challenged to collectively cycle 500 km in a certain period of time.

How many schools are now using Motivade? What kind of feedback have you received from the schools?

Dozens of schools have already joined Motivade and the number is growing. Any school in Finland can order a Motivade account whether or not they’re part of the Liikkuva Koulu -programme. We had a pilot program with a few selected schools and we made changes and improvements to the service based on the feedback. We’re still open to any and all ideas to keep improving our service.

What are your plans next?

In Finland, the plan is to get more schools to sign up. In the upcoming months, we’re planning to expand overseas with the ultimate goal to offer the Motivade service all around the globe.

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