Miils at Health Bootcamp 2015


Miils at Health Bootcamp 2015

Miils – discover and share healthy meal plans! We offer easy to use tools which will let you share your best and the most nutritious recipes and meal plans with others. Or if you are still in the discovery process of choosing the right nutrition, hop in to our platform and find the recipes and meals that fit your personal needs. Each dish or ingredient that you find on Miils comes with an extensive nutrition information. Moreover, this information is compared against your own individual needs.

Our team is passionate about the idea of sharing trustworthy and reliable data about nutrition. We believe that each of us should and has a right to know what we put in our mouth. No covert interests!

When we found out that we will participate in Health Bootcamp, we got extremely excited! After all, we’ll get a chance to learn from so many experts! And, frankly, the workshops exceeded our expectations. They proved to be to the point and very engaging. We’ve learned new things and our knowledge horizon – from how to make a business plan the right way to avoiding common legal issues – has definitely broadened along the way. We’ve come out as more knowledgeable and wiser entrepreneurs, if you will.

The trip to Copenhagen brought us new experiences of working in a different environment. We’ve even learned something new about each other, but we also got to know other startup teams. It was also very exciting to watch pitches presented by Danish tech startups.


On our trip we also got to speak to a Michelin star restaurant. We’ve discussed about possible cooperation and the opportunity of providing high quality content for our service.

Miils is actually featuring Michelin chéf at this very moment! Jouni Toivanen shares his version of the Nordic diet with its exclusive recipes. Check them out on, if you want to see these mouth-watering creations!

We’ve had a blast also at the Upgraded Life Festival which took place in May. We’ve got lots of positive feedback, as well as tons of contacts which may be shaping our destiny in the future. We’ve discussed with several potential partners. Among these are delivery companies, which were eager to cooperate with us in providing a ready-packaged service to our users. Fitness applications were others who kept coming to our stand and asking if our service provides an API. And that’s definitely on our priority list!

We’ve also got to talk to Bruce Oreck and discuss with him about our service and how it could solve the challenges related to nutrition that the Western world faces at the moment.

The event was so successful, that we lost our voices by the end of the day. In fact, there was probably not a moment when we were bored.

Huge thanks to Health Spa and Think Company for organizing this! You guys rock!

If you would like to discover more about Miils and us, please visit

Elena Oat is currently working as a Django developer for Rategia Oy, Miils being one of their first projects.

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