Support health startups. Join the community.

What is a supporting member?

For us, a supporting member is a valued friend and a dedicated member of the community, wanting to help out health startups on their rocky path to really making an impact.

A supporting member can be a private person running a business, a corporation or a foundation that supports the purpose of the Association and whose line of business is in the health and welfare services or products related to those services.


What you get

Supporting members have the right to receive information about the activity of the Association, participate in events organized by the Association and to attend the Meetings of the Association. Supporting members however do not have vote in the Meetings of the Association. Supporting members are entitled to the same event discounts as our startup members.  Also, you get the love and admiration of the Health Startup Community and the right to proudly say that you concretely support the health innovators and entrepreneurs!

What we get

Upgraded is a very frugal organisation, and we always look for our members’ best interest. Our dedicated team organises events, negotiates discounts and benefits and carries researches aiming to make the life of the startups that much easier. We are on a constant lookout for relevant opportunities for our members. The supporting members’ fees are one way of funding the operations in addition to partnerships, memberships, project funding and income from events.

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