Upgraded Members

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Upgraded Membership is currently limited to startups. Not a startup yet or anymore, but want to get involved? Have other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Timespace Cloud - HealthSPA member
Auntie - member of Upgraded
Health Spa Member - Disior
Wellmo - HealthSpa Membership
Health Spa Member - Coach4Pro
Moodmetric - HealthSpa Membership
HealthSpa Members - PulseOn
logo Adamant Health NeuroTracking
Smart Break - Upgraded member
Health Spa Member Meru Health
The Mealplanner - HealthSPA Member
HealthSpa Members - Labrox
HealthSpa member Physilect
Medigoo - HealthSPA Member
Health Spa Member Abomics
Sensotrend - HealthSPA Membership
HealthSpa member - Dottli
Nightingale - Health Spa Member
Prevenia - HealthSPA member
HealthSPA member - Carecode
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