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A simple, reliable & easy-to-use electrocardiogram device and phone app for people with heart conditions.

Hugs & Words is a one-stop app that helps with the practical and emotional process of bereavement.

Ninchat provides secure communications for hospitals to enable real-time consultation.

Osgenic is creating a new environment where surgeons can prepare for procedures safely. Their mission is to make surgery safer for patients and surgeons. 

Finnadvance develops miniature chips for the pharmaceutical industry and for research. The chips mimic functions of a human organ and allow for more precise and expedient drug discovery. 

Heart2Save arrhytmia monitoring reduces the risk strokes and helps you to ensure yourself and your close ones a more care-free everyday life. 

Peili Vision was founded in 2015 based on the vision to help people in rehabilitation. They’ve created a platform that combines  VR technology, data and gamification.

MVision improves cancer treatment with their AI-driven auto-contouring software for medical imaging.

Movendos ia a coaching and technology company focusing on promotion of individual health and wellbeing. 

Sanoste provides artificial intelligence for physiotherapy &
stimulating activities
for seniors via teleconference technology

Emooter is a tool for measuring and improving engagement, satisfaction and well-being at work.

Velbi eliminates burnout by building workplaces where everyone wins.

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Lean Entries provides an easy tool for medical device qualification and classification. 

The only to-do list and team communication platform that lets you focus on one activity at a time, 

3D Machine Vision and Design Automation for the Orthotics and Prosthetics Industry.

PatientSky provides a revolutionary and innovative cloud platform and SaaS offering, enabling health professionals and partners to provide better, faster and cost-efficient patient care.

Auntie is an easy access mental wellbeing service. Auntie services give you tools for today's worklife challenges.

Disior software turns medical images into numerical data to support fact based diagnosis and treatment planning. 

Wellmo’s mission is to help their customers build digital health services that make a difference. 

Cloud software and mobile application for coaches and coaching businesses

The Moodmetric smart ring and app motivate you to make better choices for your own wellbeing every day.

Your partner for high quality wearable optical heart rate.

Smart Break is a cloud-based workplace wellness solution designed by specialists. 

Meru Health's digital clinic offers an app-based treatment program that is supported by licensed therapists. 

Huoleti empowers patients to cope throughout the treatement of severe illnesses. 

Navigil enables extended safe independent living at home while improving quality of life, providing peace of mind and saving costs. 

Benete provides wellbeing analytics as a service for public and private elderly care, insurance companies, private persons and their families. 

Labrox specializes in design, development and manufacturing of multimode plate reader platforms, detection systems, modules and components. 

Physiotherapy reinvented. Multifunctional medical system based on high-precision contactless sensor.

Medigoo provides a wide range of different professional health quick tests which can help you to diagnose your illness without leaving your home.

Personalised digital health intervention for every cancer patient.

Self care form for people with diabetes.

Nightingale’s internationally recognized biomarker analysis technology utilizes NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) and an in-house developed quantification software to study and predict chronic diseases.

MealLogger makes keeping a food journal as easy as snapping a photo.

Popit helps you to remember your meds. Popit Sense is the world’s smartest pill reminder that reduces missed pills by over 80%. 

BuddyCare is a mobile care coordination and patient engagement platform, which automates clinical pathways in surgery and improves surgery experiences and outcomes for both patients and care providers.

Carecode's service allows healthcare professionals to communicate with each other and their patients whenever and wherever.

SOENIA® was the world's first medical device rated epilepsy diary app. 

Inscripta Medical is a modern and cost-efficient solution designed for dictating, optimizing and storing patient notes onto a company’s health record system.

Adusso provides better usability for health informatics and more easygoing user experience for digital services.

Megical is the leading platform for hospitals to lead and improve clinical pathway safety.

CutoSense Ltd. is specialized in developing novel wound assessment and treatment systems.

Helping people become healthier and companies achieving more critical consumers by using our eco-friendly app-tools.

eXerium focuses on activating core muscles and midriff by gamification and novelty ergonomic design.

Koite commercialises revolutionary antibacterial technology to prevent and treat bacteria infections.

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Causalus makes it easier and 
faster to review, monitor and standardise complex medications.


KAMU develops and markets digital therapeutics for respiratory-illness care and self-management.

TherMidas' infrared (IR) thermal imaging system is the first medical CE approved IR-thermal imaging application in the world.

Edevent is specializing in making research-based nutrition and lifestyle expertise accessible to everybody, e.g. with their automated nutrition counselling service Edebot.

Puhti's blood test packages help you follow and improve your health and wellbeing. Puhti offers comprehensive biomarker data and personalised dashboard based on your blood test.

Predicell works for better healthcare & welfare services by ecosystems, data platform, analytics and preventive care paths.

Askel Healthcare
brings the best solution to regenerate cartilage: COPLA® Scaffold is a 3D biodegradable scaffold for cartilage repair in weight-bearing joints.

Korpi ForRest makes companies' workforce more happy, creative and stress free by bringing the proven health benefits of the forest to your office.

iXu Bear by Joy Haptics is a health and wellbeing solution to send and receive touch over distance anywhere in the world.

Resistomap offers a complete service to monitor antibiotic resistance using molecular genomic methods.

Sonant is developing a solution to support communication of children with communication and language disorders.

Sweetsbot combines employee experience measurement and taking care in easy, unique and lovely way.

Henkaus creates solutions based on state-of-the-art radar sensor technology and cloud based artificial intelligence analysis.

Mind Of My Own makes tech for  social good. Currently that translates as two apps for children and young people who use health, care and education services.

CompliancePal augments GitHub functionality with workflows and document templates to keep your medical device software development lifecycle compliant with ISO 13485 and ISO 62304.  

Precordior is saving lives by detecting cardiac diseases with your own smartphone. The CardioSignal mobile app measures micro-motions of your chest and can today detect atrial fibrillation.

Etsimo Healthcare’s mission is to help everyone to stay healthy, sustain a high quality of life, and prevent irreversible chronic conditions. They offer healthcare solutions on a platform that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Nordic Wellness Group Oy  / Nordic Fit Mama

StepOut offers independent trainers & small scale entities with the freedom to provide their sessions at their own convenience, gain marketing and new customers while earning a revenue out of their passion.

Lola&Lykke is committed to supporting the wellbeing of mums by developing extraordinary health and wellness products that improve the daily life of mums and by sharing useful content and expert advice to support mothers.

MedicubeX is developing a self-check station with several disruptive
health measurements and remote appointment technology.

Bodypioneer creates solutions for wellbeing with innovative technology.

VILJA is a decision support platform that generates care recommendations for doctors and nurses who treat elderly patients.

Maculaser is a medical technology company on a mission to prevent blindness by targeting major retinal diseases. We aim to radically change how the common retinopathies and age-related macular degeneration are treated in the future.

Vireum is an AI technology consultation and development company.

Cerenion Oy is a science-based university spin-off that develops technology for the measurement of brain function and condition.  CERENION C-TREND® Index offers the first truly objective and practical method to obtain reliable information on the condition and function of the brain.

Robu Oy designs and develops easy to use and beautiful applications to healthcare and social sector. Their patient information system saves time for professionals to encounter their customers in a more human way and saves time of filling patient data on a system.

Woodcast is making the world healthier through innovative materials and extraordinary applications

Medified offers cloud-based SaaS for healthcare providers to enable data-driven mental health treatments and create a secure channel between professionals and mental health patients.  

AUVC Tech is using UV C light to heal chronic and hard-heal wounds.

USBIMED provides expert services for different actors of health tech and digital health domains. High quality in house medical device regulatory and usability training, sparring and expert services. Company promotes also collaboration between clinical environments and industry.

Phonolyser is dedicated to lightening the burden of people dealing with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). The company provides a smart heart analyzer device combining AI, doppler, and sound effects to accurately diagnose CHD. 

VREACH is a virtual reality tool for effective rehabilitation for patients with autism used by functional specialists.

Formulator is a no-threshold, self-service starting point for mental healthcare that helps the consumer formulate their situation and goals and share it with their clinician for optimal care

Glucostratus Oy

Glucostratus Oy offers offers digital health solutions for the care of asthma, hypertension and diabetes.

Nordic Fit Mama improves the health and quality of life of mothers with an easy and efficient online solution.