Managing Type 1 diabetes at school is easier with Modz


Managing Type 1 diabetes at school is easier with Modz

Type 1 diabetes sent one family into a tailspin of worry. But Modz helped to change all that. Angela was only seven years old when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. At first, her parents were completely overwhelmed with medical jargon, new meal plans and testing requirements. Angela’s mother Karen was especially fearful. She could easily take care of Angela at home, where she could keep a close eye on her daughter. But what would happen when Angela went back to school?

Then Karen found Modz, and management of Type 1 diabetes immediately became easier.

Modz makes Type 1 diabetes easier

The day Angela went back to school with her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, Karen turned to Modz online result service to help keep track of what was happening with her daughter’s blood sugar levels. Soon she was receiving text messages every few hours, updating her on the latest measurements. She breathed a sigh of relief each time she picked up her phone and saw a number that was well within the proper range.

”It made life so much easier and secure for us,” Karen said. ”Seeing those results in real-time made it feel as though we were in constant contact with Angela.”

Three days later, though, there was a problem. An email alerted Karen to a high blood sugar – so high, in fact, that she was very concerned. A quick call to the school and an insulin adjustment meant that the next number was a bit lower. The number after that was even lower. Karen logged onto Modz online result service and smiled when she saw the downward trend.

By dinnertime, Angela’s blood sugars were right where they should have been. ”We were able to catch the problem and correct it fast,” Karen said. ”That made Modz a priceless tool.”

Kids adore the fun of Modz

Angela was experiencing peace of mind, too. She loved the colors of her new glucose monitor, and she enjoyed the fun noises it made when she got a good test result. Rather than feeling out of place in her classroom, she was the center of positive attention as all her friends tried to get a look at her new gadget.

At home was even better. Her siblings all begged to have a turn testing their own blood sugar with Modz – even the thought of a dreadful finger prick didn’t deter them! Angela’s parents finally had to intervene and tell them that the glucose monitor was for their sister and not a family toy.

”It was cool that they all wanted to play with it,” Angela said. ”I wanted to let them, but the numbers needed to be all my own in order to make sure the trends were right. They understood that but they were jealous anyway!”

Modz makes life easier

Modz helped make Angela’s new Type 1 diabetes diagnosis less frightening for everyone, but especially for her. Angela understood that her diabetes would require careful monitoring, but Modz made it easy. Seeing her parents relaxed and confident about her blood sugar levels helped Angela get past the fear and looking forward to a happy, healthy life with diabetes.

”It’s okay to have diabetes,” Angela said. ”Especially when keeping track of it is so easy.”

Peik Schulman is Director Business Development at Modz Oy. He is a strategic goal oriented sales and business development director with a can-do entrepreneurial attitude.

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