Keep Up with Upgraded Life Festival 2016: Get to Know Speakers


Keep Up with Upgraded Life Festival 2016: Get to Know Speakers

The Upgraded Life Festival will be organized on 31st of May by the Finnish health ecosystem booster HealthSPA. During the past couple of years the event has doubled in size, which clearly indicates a high interest in its main topic - health and wellbeing innovations.

This year this one-day event will occupy the whole first floor of Academic Medical Center Helsinki, gathering up to 1 000+ participants and 70+ exhibitors from different areas of the health, wellbeing and technology. Looking back, it’s hard to imagine such a happening without the support of all the local health startup community. Thanks to that, now  Upgraded Life Festival is the most exciting place to see the latest health innovation from Nordics. The inspiring festival will unite pioneers from areas of healthcare, wellness, big data in health, quantified self, biohacking, fitness, health in wearables and from the internet of things.

Themes will include, for example, the latest breakthroughs in hospitals and healthcare, the combination of technology, genes and medicine shifting towards personalized healthcare and the impact and opportunities of data in the health and wellness fields. Clearly, the event wouldn’t be possible without fantastic speakers, true leaders of the industry.

Pascal Lardier, is one of the most interesting foreign speakers to watch. He is the international ambassador and director for Health 2.0 Conference, one of the leading conferences in digital health in USA and Europe.  Pascal Lardier has over 15 years of experience developing and delivering healthcare content for live events and digital media. He has seen a vast number of rising and falling stars and will be sharing his experience and answering the questions of the audience at Upgraded Life Festival.

Another distinguished keynote speaker for the festival is Matej Adam. He is IBM Watson Healthcare Industry Leader for the markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa and responsible for formulating strategy, developing solutions, interacting with healthcare systems and driving key initiatives and projects in health IT for more than 30 countries. Matej Adam’s previous work experience includes KMPG, SAP and working as a project manager for a national e-health system.  At Upgraded Life Festival he will be giving a talk on healthcare modernization and innovative approaches in enabling modern technology to improve healthcare.


Marko Ahtisaari, CEO and co-founder of US-based The Sync Project will be joining joining the event as well. In that project researchers have been looking on how music affects people on just emotionally, but also biologically.  For example, did you know that music could help to recover after the stroke and can improve cognition and dementia.

We have a remarkable list of local stars and opinion leaders speaking at the event. Linda Laatikainen is one of them. She studied at Cambridge University and graduated with a PhD psychiatry at the age of 23 from Oxford University. Prior joining as Rinnekoti Foundation as it’s COO, she have served in World Health Organisation and Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM).  At Upgraded Life Festival this year Linda will be participating in the programme related to the future of mental health, discussing with what’s the role of digital solutions in it.

The Upgraded Life Festival is an excellent opportunity to come listen to these forerunners, future-thinkers and true industry-shapers, as well gives a chance for networking, discussing and share thoughts about the health and wellness industry today and it’s future.

Check other speakers who are coming to Upgraded Life Festival this year and remember to book your Early Bird ticket by April 12th!

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Text by Liisa Harju

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