Health revolution in a beautiful form


Health revolution in a beautiful form

Finnish jewelry house Kalevala Koru (Kalevala Jewelry) is known for its outstanding high-quality jewelry manufactured in Finland already for nearly 80 years. Under the roof of the Helsinki based jewelry house operates also Kalevala Innovation Lab – a new function that provides a platform to develop and test new digital services and to create functional jewelry with a distinctive design.

Kalevala Innovation Lab acts as an incubator for Kalevala Koru – successful product concepts are turned into fully working prototypes with a chance to become part of the company’s future product offering.

Now Kalevala Innovation Lab is looking for ambitious health and wellness startups to join them on their quest for the next successful wearable concept project.

– We see enormous potential in functional jewelry and we’re especially interested in health and wellness innovations that would take the measuring and analyzing of health data on the next level for the benefit of patients, health care professionals and everyone interested in their well-being, says Terja Koskenoja, Head of Kalevala Innovation Lab and Production Director at Kalevala Koru.

According to Koskenoja, there are already numerous technologies and applications that can track and analyze health and fitness data. However, she is intrigued by a service that would go beyond the basic information.

Developing new solutions to analyze the health and fitness information is important, but for me more interesting is how to further develop and process the collected data. Counting steps, heartbeats or hours slept is not enough – we need a tool that gives us guidelines and recommendations on how to improve our health based on these measurements.

Kalevala Innovation Lab would be excited to get together with startups interested in creating something new and unique. Koskenoja shares her visions for the future:

– One day we will have a piece of smart jewelry that is improving people’s health and well-being. A wearable to give us advice on how to prevent foreseeable health problems and to improve our life. A solution so easy and effortless to use that it becomes tightly knit with our day-to-day living.


In addition to being a fast and agile player in the functional jewelry sector, one of the key things that will help Kalevala Innovation Lab to create successful entries to the wearables market in the future is the strong focus on design.

– For us the function and form go hand in hand. We want to design wellness jewelry that does not look technical or distant from the user. In our visions the wearable technology comes in a form of a beautiful piece of jewelry that the user would love to wear even without the added value from the collected data, says Koskenoja.

Coming to Slush? Meet us at the Engine Room 30.11 at 15:00-16:30!

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