Jewelry is more than just beauty


Jewelry is more than just beauty

As kids, we all used to have quizzes like this: find the word that doesn’t belong with the other words in the list. Remember? Here is now four words to you, can you tell me which one doesn’t belong with the others?

Health, wellbeing, jewelry, wellness.

What word stands out? Jewelry, right? Well, this time you’re wrong. All the words listed make perfect sense and have also proven to be a perfect match. Can you guess how? Keep on reading.

Upgraded Life Festival (ULF) gathered in May 2016 more than 1100 participants,  70 exhibitors, and 100 startups. Among them were two companies, Moodmetric and Kalevala Jewelry. Moodmetric is a stress measurement service solution, effective, and not in a form of an odd-looking device. It’s a ring (a very elegant one), and an app. When Moodmetric was considering joining the festival in 2016, the company had already had positive experience from two previous years, and since the last year they have successfully ‘‘further developed their technology’’. I asked Niina Venho, CEO of Moodmetric, about her thoughts  of  the professional opportunities at Upgraded Life Festival.

‘‘At ULF you can enjoy informative discussions with medical companies and doctors, and more importantly, we found clients and new research partners. We were able to better reach our potential customers and the market’’, says Niina.

Meanwhile, another company, Kalevala Jewelry, was searching for new business perspectives and horizons. ‘‘There should be more into jewelry than just beauty’’. Such a concise and thoughtful idea was one of the reasons why Kalevala Jewelry decided to join ULF in 2016. As a business outside the health industry, Kalevala Jewelry observed that the health sector is ‘‘changing fast and also going hand in hand with the latest technology.’’

‘‘We recognized that wellbeing is one of the sectors that has great future potential since people have become more aware about their health, and the interest in monitoring themselves has grown respectively.’’, Terja Koskenoja, Production Director at Kalevala Jewelry.

Moodmetric and Kalevala Jewelry agree that one of the long-term outcomes of  ULF’16  was finding each other and establishing a partnership. Now, they are launching together a line of smart design rings that you will be able to wear during different life occasions and at the same time keep track of your wellbeing.

This year both Kalevala Jewelry and Moodmetric will participate in the festival as exhibitors. As it shows, the industry has no limits. You never know what exciting and surprising collaboration might be just around the corner!

Upgraded Life Festival is organised 25-26th of April in Helsinki. Read more about the event here

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