”I’ve been anxiously waiting for this future to come for nine years”


”I’ve been anxiously waiting for this future to come for nine years”

A physical education teacher and a Master of Science in Economics is a surprising combination. What Patrick Francke would like to do next is to revolutionize Finnish healthcare.

”It really is high time we move from nursing to healthcare,” says Francke.

Patrick Francke believes and trusts in data. In his opinion, health should be managed above all based on data.

”I’ve been anxiously waiting for this future to come for nine years. Now at last I can see it in the horizon, as real utilization of artificial intelligence is opening new worlds,” says Francke enthusiastically.

He believes that in not too distant future he will have an application attached to the body that will tell him, for example, that if he does not go home and rest now, there’s an 80 percent probability that he will be sick tomorrow.

Not enough caring hands in the future

Francke also considers that Finnish national economy cannot afford to continue in the current way, in which the demand for healtcare services increases but resources decrease. Soon there just aren’t enough caring hands.

Francke’s solution to the problem is data, of which there is more and more available. When data about the patient’s genotype, health, health behaviour and acute troubles are inputted into IBM’s supercomputer Watson, for example, the output received is – already today – an accurate estimate of whether care or treatment is needed.

”In this way, the number of unnecessary physician’s appointments can be cut. This trend also opens new worlds to physicians,” Francke continues.


The health game starts anew

Surprisingly, Francke is currently employed by Sonera. His job is to make the company a major player in Finnish healthcare. Other telecom operators around the world are also making a rush at sick beds.

”This is a natural trend as data gains in significance. The profile of healthcare service providers will change fundamentally within the next five years,” estimates Francke.

According to him, the companies in the industry must have capacity and competence to process and store tremendous volumes of data in future while keeping it confidential. Data communications competence will also play a significant role.

”All this requires volumes of sensors and data to fill gaps in our understanding. Sonera’s advantages in this contest are internationality and extensive framework agreements,” says Francke.

Text: Janne Kaijärvi


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