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The Finnish Health Startup Industry Report 2017

Our main goals with this report were to create an overall picture of the health and wellbeing startup industry in Finland, to promote the ecosystem and to strengthen Finland’s position in the sector. This report functions as a tool for development of activities in the ecosystem. We hope that this report gives you a better understanding of the current health startups and the challenges they face.

The Finnish Health Startup Industry Report 2017 from Upgraded – Health Startup Association of Finland

Health Ecosystem Metro Map for Startups – Helsinki Region

We at Upgraded know, that the health startup industry is exceptionally diverse – and so are the supporting, regulatory, funding etc. entities – the core objective of this metro map is to gather the most important players of the industry, who provide support for startups specifically focusing on the health and wellness sector in primarily in the Uusimaa region of Finland.

Click here to open the full Metro Map with descriptions!

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