How much do you know about the air quality in your office?


How much do you know about the air quality in your office?

Being informed about your indoor environment is important. What's even more important is taking actions to enhance your workplace and prevent the risks of getting sick. Given the amount of time we spend indoors (which is close to 90%) and the control we have over our offices and homes, we should be able to change our behaviors for better living. 720˚ empowers us to do just that.

The vision of the company is to make everyone feel better indoors by providing the right tools to both individuals and organizations to take the right actions. The service of 720˚ helps you collect air quality data from multiple sensors, analyze the data and provide actionable insights to improve your indoor environment. In addition, the service gathers feedback from all the employees of your company to enhance the collected data.

With indoor air measured to be 5-8 times more polluted than our outdoor environments, this is a large problem, but an invisible one. Based on research conducted by Aalto University, more than EUR 3 billion is lost only in Finland due to poor air quality indoors. Imagine the amount of money lost worldwide.

How did it all start? The Founder of the company, Tomas Novotny, has been involved in the advisory service, helping asthmatic people improve their life quality. They managed to help people fix many air quality issues at home, but people were asking for ways to fix the same issue at work.

720 team

“Developing services for allergy & asthma sufferers brought my attention to occupational health & workplace quality. While studying at Aalto University I noticed a lack of available tools to address such issues. That was when 720˚ was born, and we went on to develop preventive monitoring solutions”, says Tomas Novotny, the CEO of 720˚.

What does it mean for businesses? More data available – more accountability. Many organizations were willing to fix the problem, but all of them lacked the knowledge and tools to understand the scale of it. Finding the first clients was an easy task. Many of them have been interested in the service already at the very early stage, while the development was still ongoing. Today, the clients of 720˚ are mostly Fortune 500 companies based in Finland.

Surprisingly, most of the building blocks of the company – team, partners, customers, mentors, and investors – came through the Otaniemi hub. 720˚ participated in Aalto Centre for Entrepreneurship activities and Summer of Startups, where they got initial funding. Earlier this month, the company announced that they closed seed funding from a strategic investor with relevant industry expertise.

Team building remains one of the most important activities for 720˚. Tomas met most of the team members via different Aalto programs, and now they are a team of 7 from 3 different continents are 5 different countries. The company selects new team members based on their attitude, which they see as much more important then pure skills. We all know these people are hard to find. If you happen to be the one – take a look at the open positions on the website, the team is recruiting!



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