Helsinki-based KAMU Health releases a free app for monitoring lung condition


Helsinki-based KAMU Health releases a free app for monitoring lung condition

COVID-19 attacks the lungs, which is why good management of conditions like asthma and COPD is now extremely important. To make monitoring of chronic lung disease and collaboration between the patient and healthcare professionals easier even remotely, KAMU Health Ltd. now offers their CE marked self-management service free of charge for users in 18 European countries.

KAMU Asthma includes a smartphone app that works as a digital asthma journal for logging medication, symptoms and triggers. The service also includes a personal mobile spirometer, a hospital-grade device that automatically provides the user with a comprehensive picture on their lung condition at home. A single test gives the user several values, including FEV1, FVC and PEF. The app’s trend view helps the user see if their condition is deteriorating and take action in time.

In the full version, the results are automatically synchronized to the app via Bluetooth. The spirometer also automatically detects the quality of the user’s performance and gives guidance for better technique in the spirometry. To make the service accessible for as many patients as possible, KAMU has now released a limited version without the spirometer. Instead, the user can manually log their PEF values in the app. Most asthmatics own a peak flow meter, and usually keep track of their results with pen and paper.

Data from journal entries can easily be downloaded and shared with healthcare personnel. This way, the patient can be consulted on the phone, which is convenient for the patient and the doctor, and also saves healthcare resources by reducing the need for visits to the clinic. KAMU also provides the user with local weather and air quality forecasts.

Released today May 5th in celebration of World Asthma Day, the app is now available free of charge on App Store and Google Play.

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