Healthzilla awarded in Global Hack


Healthzilla awarded in Global Hack

Upgraded’s member startup Healthzilla was awarded the 3rd place in the Health and Wellness track of the world’s largest online hackathon, the Global Hack on April 9.-12. 2020. The hackathon gathered over 11,000 participants from all over the world to solve the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthzilla’s solution was to combine biometric signals measured with a smartphone camera to self-reported symptoms, and to train an algorithm to recognise potential exposure to the virus from early on. In case a potential exposure is detected, the app will guide the person to socially distance themself while waiting to see if other symptoms appear, and hence help stop the spread of the virus.

The solution was especially praised by the jury for being affordable and therefore also available for large majority of people, since no expensive devices or tests are needed.

The Healthzilla team is now working on whether the same technology can be used also for seasonal flus and other infections causing notable costs to societies. They are also looking to find partners in healthcare sector, research or from companies to develop their solution further.

For more info and a 2-minute pitch of the solution, check out Healthzilla’s web page!

For news in Finnish, check out the article by Mediuutiset here!

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