HealthTech exports continued strong growth in 2019


HealthTech exports continued strong growth in 2019

Last year was once again a very good year for health technology, as the annual report by HealthTech Finland shows (Healthtech Finland 2020, published ). The value of the exports reached a new record high of 2.4 billion euros, which is 5.7% growth compared to 2018. The yearly growth percentage has remained stagnant for few years, and it is slightly above the prediction of the global average growth in healthtech (4% – 5.6%).

HealthTech has been one of the fastest growing high technology industries in Finland already for several years. Between 1996-2019 the value of healthtech exports in Finland has quintupled and the surplus has increased tenfold, i.e. in total approximately 13 billion euros.

Growth in exports geographically:
USA : +8.7 % (934 million €)
EU / EFTA : +2.8 % (803 million €)
China: +10 % (189 million €)
Russia: -8 % (56 million €)
Latin America, Middle East & Africa: + 4-5 %

Check out the Healthtech Finland report HERE (only in Finnish)!

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