Here are some of our attendees:

Will Cardwell is a partner at Courage Ventures Funds, investing in digital health and well-being.

CEO of VEIL.AI - a company that makes sensitive health data safe to use by means of advanced anonymization or synthetic data

Shinichi (Shin) Nikkuni is a Managing Partner of NordicNinja VC. 

Lieke  co-founded FLOOW2 Healthcare, the first sharing marketplace for healthcare organizations to share equipment, services, facilities, knowledge and skills within or between organizations.

Joseph is the Managing Partner of Verge HealthTech Fund focusing on early stage healthcare technology companies relevant to emerging markets.

Minna has over 20 years of experience of coaching and scientific research in exercise physiology, overtraining, nutrition, and digital health technology. 

Heikki is the CEO and founder of the consultancy company Lean Entries Ltd.

Andrena works with tech vendors and telcos that either want to enter Healthcare, or to expand into Life Sciences or consumer health. 


Medigoo Oy Inc productizes and sells personal and professional health tests through their distributors and online.

Tom is the Director of Business Development for Cleveland Clinic Innovation and he served for 9 years as the Business Development Director for the Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center (GCIC).

Timo works as a Manager of Testing and Innovations at the Oulu University Hospital. He is developing public-private collaboration models for healthcare sector.

Amel is the Managing Director of the Finnish Business Angels Network FiBAN, one of the largest and most active business angel networks in the world. 

We @ Superhero Capital are looking for the next superheroes changing the world for better.

Prateek Singh is the CEO and founder of Finnadvance. He has 14 years of experience in bioengineering and holds Btech in Biotechnology and MSc in Biochemistry and Protein science.

Reidar is a world-class communicator with 35 years of experience in education and training and 20 years in international new business development.

Henrik is involved in the start-up scene as an investor and board member. Focusing primarily on MedTech (Remote Mobile Health Monitoring Solutions and Services) and Cyber Security.

Ville is the CEO of Ninchat, a secure messaging platform helping health care service providers to transform their services more digital. 

Heidi is a university teacher and a PhD candidate in nursing science at the University of Oulu in the Research Unit of Nursing Science and Health Management.

Juhani Lahdenperä is the CEO of Biotech Startup Management.

Aki is the CEO of Predicell. Aki has +20yrs experience from healthcare and welfare from both as domain professional and IT/digitalization opportunities point of view.

Upgraded is a non-profit association for health & wellbeing startups and innovations in Finland, founded in 2012

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Antti is a medical device development and life cycle professional with 15 years of experience in Medical Device development, Project Management, NPI and Project sales.

Carsten is an Area Manager. He is in charge of international sales and marketing and product launches for medical devices.

Mayumi Shimizu is a senior business advisor at Espoo Marketing. She is in charge of invest in activities including corporate/investor - startup matchmaking, and navigating foreign innovation players to Espoo's innovation ecosystem.

Henrik is building the team at Cubist IT, an IT consultancy company working with datadriven healthcare solutions. 

Tommi is a solution and services expert within data analytics, medtech software development and quality assurance

Kari runs the Smart Life Finland program at Business Finland. BF is proactively helping Finnish companies to create high potential business ecosystems, innovate, network, and go international with digital wellbeing & healthcare solutions.

Paul Lillrank has been Professor of Quality and Service Management at Aalto University since 1994.  He has served as the Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, and is currently Chairman of Aalto Health Platform.

Dima is the CEO & Advisor at two Coaching Startups. He is also soon-to-be PhD.

Juha is a biochemist with a long career as a commercial executive within pharma and biotech. Since 2019 he has been leading Health Capital Helsinki, a publicly funded health ecosystem developer.

Ida leads the diagnostic device development at Labrox. Labrox has over a decade experience in designing and manufacturing of world class analytical measurement devices.

Lauri is specialized in early stage health and MedTech companies and helping them to develop their business. He is a strong business development professional with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Vesa is helping startups with leverage and equity network. Helping investors with deal flow and leveraging portfolio companies.

Pia is the Managing Director of Finnish Venture Capital Association.

Philippe is responsible for business development and the internationalization of DiagMMR™, the company's novel method to detect Lynch syndrome and prevent cancer.

Politician, member of Finnish parliament, former member of the European parliament, former transport minister in Finland, before start working in politics she was working in health care.

Mr. Kratzman is an international business strategist who works with startups and SMEs to clinically validate their ideas and strategically grow them.

Hanne has 20+ years of experience from life science industry: industry, investor, incubator, cluster. 

Inka Mero is an experienced entrepreneur, company builder, VC, angel investor, and a new business executive. She’s currently the Managing Partner at Voima Ventures, a 50 million VC fund focusing on deep tech.

Oyster Venture Partners is an investment advisory and execution firm supporting healthcare technology innovators secure their next-stage investment, whilst optimising their exit strategies.

Health Technology Engineer, Healthcare Professional, Entrepreneur. Passionate about medical technology and introducing new way of innovation: multiprofessional test labs.

Alex Felman is a veteran of the family office community for almost a decade; working as Managing Partner with his own family office, Felman Family Office.

Markus Mäkelä is Executive in Residence at Aalto University and leads Aalto Health Platform.

Markus Herrgård is Chief Technology Officer at the BioInnovation Institute (BII) in Copenhagen. He is also leading BII’s health tech and digital health efforts.

Minna Storm, STeHS Head of Corporate Affiliates & Board Member CEO ECCA Nordic. Minna is a Nordic Health and Wellbeing Growth, Export and Ecosystem Specialist.

Driven customer-centric business development professional • Strong experience in internationalizing business, identifying and creating new business opportunities and managing relationships with a special focus on customer experience

Petri Kivinen is Chief Administrative Medical Officer in Siun sote. He has long and diverse experience in developing healthcare data analytics, management and data guided decision making.

Neslinur Turan Karol has been working as a KWORKS Acceleration Program Specialist since September 2019. She gives trainings on lean startup methods, business model development, product-market fit, persona design.

Dr. Cengizhan Ozturk  is working at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME), Bogazici University, Istanbul, since 2000.

We are antibiotic resistance fighters!

Mira is an enthusiastic developer and expert of project management, communication and external relations in the higher education field.

Health100 is an interactive hybrid event of Health, held in a spirit of an unconference. It consists of a one-day online event, and a smaller in-person side-event

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Startup entrepreneur helping other startuppers to succeed on their journey. Our Software Sauna team is supporting several Healthtech startups to build a worldclass digital solutions. Let's build the future together.

MD, PhD, CEO of Olfactomics. Startup entrepreneur working on a game-changing device for cancer surgery. Topics of interest include digital health, quality, surgery, innovation and evidence-based medicine.

Entrepreneur in the Hyaluronan.

Lola&Lykke® is a Support Platform with a mission to improve the health and wellness of new mums. We design medical level support products for mums, share information, collaborate with experts and offer education to support mums.

Medtech CEO looking for financing.

Our mission is to provide a better quality of life for patients suffering with neurological diseases, disorders, and conditions, through creating and delivering novel, remote long-term monitoring solutions for their neurologists.

Dr. Ahmed El Saeed is a medical doctor and a public health professional with 15 years of national, regional and international experience in public health programming.

CEO and Co-Founder of Medicubex Ltd, bringing autonomous eHealth stations to clinical use.

Juhana Vartiainen is a Finnish politician and a member of the Finnish Parliament.

Chronic stress is difficult to recognize. Our mission is to help everyone to identify their individual patterns of stress and recovery. Moodmetric Measurement helps to assess psychological load.