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Health100 is an invitation-only event. 

Health100 is organised by Upgraded - a self-sustaining non-profit association for health startups and innovations, located in Finland. Our goal is to make sure that startup innovations have an established role in the society as a source of health and wellbeing solutions. The tickets of this event makes it possible for us to create an event like Health100 and to develop it, as well as the health startup ecosystem, even further.  

2 October 2019


For people truly willing to make an impact and drive the change of future healthcare. 

Health100 is an unconference for impactful people in the Nordic health scene. 

We're searching for forward-looking, health-oriented partners to join Health100 2020 . Are you interested to take part in making the event happen?

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Health100 is not a traditional sit-and-listen conference. We want our guests to spend an inspirational day together, not being tied down by strict agendas.

The event is all about building a safe and trusting environment for open and straightforward conversations which will turn into insights and unexpected synergies.

The ultimate goal is to share best practices, think ahead of time and current constraints and to find the best solutions for future healthcare. 

In Health100 every guest is invited to become a speaker. Everyone is welcome to share their perspective, and facilitate a discussion. The guests get to decide what topics are the most interesting to discuss.

The day will result in the creation of a shared Nordic Health Resolution 
– a joint promise on what these health influencers will do to achieve the best possible healthcare in the Nordics.

Do you just want to read it, or would you rather be one of the writers? 



Health100 was organised in the intimate privacy of luxurious Hanasaari culture and conference center, surrounded by beautiful Finnish nature.

Contact us at health100@upgraded.fi 


Professor of innovation, design and management at Faculty of Engineering, University of Southern Denmark

Alf Rehn is a globally noted thought leader in innovation, trends, and creativity; a sought-after speaker, an author and a columnist, as well as a well-regarded commentator on leadership and organizational culture. 

Science Communicator & MSc, Biotechnology

Johannes Malkamäki communicates about science through his Youtube channel EVERY CELL A UNIVERSE. The channel features entertaining, educational videos on how life works, how our cells build us, and how the inventions of biotechnology are shaping the world.

The networking started with a relaxed pre-event dinner cruise the evening before Health100, onboard Kuunari Kathrina.


At Health100, the agenda of the day is set by the participants. 
Here are the topics for the day.

  • ROLE OF PHARMAThe mindset and structure of the healthcare ecosystem - What are we afraid of?
  • PREVENTION: How can we better predict, monitor and reduce work-related stress and related health challenges? 
  • HOSPITALS: How can we move towards more sustainable and circular hospitals and tackle the problem of waste? 
  • IMPACT: How can we make health tech innovations respond better to developing world challenges? 
  • INSURANCE: How can we create business and customer value through the blend of digital industry ecosystems of health and insurtech? 
  • ENTRY BARRIERS: How can we overcome the barriers of entry for new forms of treatment and small healthcare providers? 
  • EFFICIENCY: How can we save the time of medical professionals with new technologies and tools?  
  • DEEP TECH: How can we solve the challenges for upcoming deeptech startups? 
  • TELEHEALTH: How do we create Telehealth with a positive Return on Investment? What are the barriers and demonstrated solutions?
  • COLLABORATION: How do we enhance collaboration between the Nordic countries? 
  • SUSTAINABILITY: How can we make sustainable healthcare progress in the Nordics matter globally? 
  • UNINTERRUPTED DATA TRANSFER: How to ensure data flow of patient information in all conditions? 

Thank you to all guests of Health100 for a great experience, see you in 2020!

Read Nordic Health Resolution here