Health100 is a new event for people truly willing to make an impact and drive the change of future healthcare. The event hosts the 100 most impactful people of the Nordic health scene.

With Health100, we are building a safe and trusting environment for open and straightforward conversations that will turn into moments of insights, connectedness and unexpected synergies. The ultimate goal is to share best practices, think ahead of time and current constraints and find together solutions for future healthcare. 

We want our guests to spend an inspirational day together, not being tied down by schedules, agendas or empty talks, and thus being able to get straight to the point with other great minds. 

We’re looking forward to connecting the dots and bringing together the network of people who are shaping the future of the healthcare industry on the Nordic level. 

This event is for the visionaries, the techies, the leaders, the innovators, the experts, the researchers, and politicians - the people who are passionate about healthcare and willing to push the boundaries of it.

Health100 is organized for the first time ever in 2019.
More info will be updated soon.

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Health100 is an invitation-only event. 

Organized by Upgraded ry.

2 October 2019