Health100: Why are we going online and why we say we are Interactive?


Health100: Why are we going online and why we say we are Interactive?

With the COVID-19 outbreak, the whole event market was pretty much put on hold, wasn´t it?

And yet, meeting people at events is still the best way to build important connections, exchange information, and close business deals.

The second edition of our main event, Health100 is five months away, and this year we will have a thousand attendees present during one day. Thus, we took an important decision –  the unconference will go online! 

The reasons for that decision are quite straightforward: at the moment we all live in the unknown, and we want to minimize the uncertainty as much as possible. We want everyone to know that our event will happen on the 7th of October 2020 and no external factors related to the public gatherings will affect that.

Moreover, your safety is our priority. We don´t want to take any chances to jeopardize health of our guests. 

But does that mean that the event will be equally good though?

Nowadays many things became remote, but they don´t really feel the same, do they?

While working on this year´s edition of Health100, we took all these factors into account, and tried to develop something really special for you. 

Since we are an Unconference  (meaning the content is dictated and regulated by the most important people – YOU, our attendees), we need to put a lot of effort into making your experience unique.

We want our event to be interactive, our attendees to be able to discuss with whoever they want, and to access the high-quality content that they decide to watch. Summing up, we want to have an online event, and keep all the advantages of an in-person event. The great news is that we found a way to do that: we found the interactive online tool that will allow us to make all of the above possible! 

With the integral tool, our guests can :

  • Network and have one-on-one discussions with any one of our 1000 attendees (including health professionals, health startups, politics, investors, clinicians, researchers, academics and corporate representative) 
  • Access interactive round tables and workshops to discuss with the best experts in the field
  • Make their own agenda (schedule) for the day
  • Watch keynotes 
  • Visit virtual booths/stands
  • Chat in the coffee room

The tool is awesome, 1000 attendees from all around the world can meet and discuss the new challenges in global health, almost like it was in-person. But what about our attendees who really miss in-person contact? We also thought about that! For now, it is way safer to meet online, but we are planning an exciting post-event entertainment, consisting of a great dinner and a really fun activity. Once the conditions allow us, it will be amazing to meet some of you in real life at our post-event!

We are looking forward to welcoming you online on the 7th of October 2020! If you have any questions related to the event, send an email to!

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