Upgraded is a non-profit association for health & wellbeing startups and innovations in Finland, founded in 2012 

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Full access to the main online event, including matchmaking, program + keynotes, round-tables and workshops

 99 EUR

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Limited number. Access to the physical  side-event that includes entertainment part and dinner.

 199 EUR


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Access to both: main online event and in-person side-event

 249 EUR


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A virtual stand for showcasing your company / product. Includes 2 attendee tickets to the online event

 499 EUR

Health100 is an interactive hybrid event of Health, held in a spirit of an unconference. It consists of a one-day online event, and a smaller in-person side-event


Value of Health100

As an attendee you will get:

  • an opportunity to connect to the relevant people of the Global Health,
  • information about changes in the Health Industry firsthand,
  • a chance to co-create the Global Health Resolution - document that will summarize all the discussions held during the event, and that will be delivered to relevant decision-making bodies.



In-person Side-Event

Once the restrictions for massive gatherings are removed, we will have an exciting post-event entertainment, consisting of an amazing dinner and a really fun activity.

Number of seats - up to 100,
Date - to be announced,
Place - Helsinki,
Agenda - networking and fun

Focus of the event

The main theme of the event is “a New Normal after the covid-19 impact”. All sides of the health industry have experienced changes, it is now time to reshape a New Normal.

The list of the topics will be constantly updating, with the emphasis on:

  • new policies and regulations,
  • new ways of work in restricted conditions,
  • need of digitalisation in Health,
  • psychological support for everyone affected by the crisis
  • preventive measures,
  • ways to prepare ourselves for any future pandemics,



Virtual Delivery

Working remotely became the New normal now, and we go along with it, letting people reach their goals in a comfortable atmosphere. 

The Online Tool allows us to imitate all elements of a regular in-person event. You will be able to chat with roughly 1000 attendees of the event, have audio/video meetings and many more.

The program will include:

  • 3 high-end keynotes,
  • 30 round-tables with the best experts in the field,
  • direct matchmaking  


Unconference is a type of event where agenda is not strictly regulated by organizers, but is rather co-created by attendees. It is less formal than a regular conference, and the main focus lays on making new and deeper connections in a relaxed atmosphere.

All our guests (including you!) will have something to bring to the table of the New Normal after covid-19 discussion, and the content part will be created during the mutual exchange of information at our professionally guided round-tables.



Let's reform the Health together!

Join now to start contributing to the content of the event!






We will have around 1000 people joining the virtual event.

You definitely should attend, if you are one of the following:

  • Professional of the Healthcare Industry who realizes the need of innovation in the modern world,
  • Clinician who believes that the processes we have in the Healthcare right now should be improved,
  • Politician or policy maker who wants to know firsthand what is happening in modern Health,
  • Health startup founder with brilliant ideas or ready-products, having obstacles on the way to delivery,
  • Investor who realises that Health is the most important area to invest in right now, 
  • Researcher / academic who wants to connect to the practitioners and tell about your recent findings, 
  • Corporate representative who doesn´t want to stay aside, 
  • Representative of Tech with ideas on how to improve modern healthcare
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Event program

09:30 - Pre-Event -  Morning Energizing Fitness Session


  • Welcome words by Jan Vapaavuori , Mayor of Helsinki

  • Welcome words by Juha Paakkola, Director, Health Capital Helsinki

  • “Cooperation and innovation for strengthening prevention and future pandemic preparedness” by Päivi Sillanaukee, Health and Wellbeing Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

  • “Understanding COVID-19 case numbers” Timothée Dub, Infectious Disease Control and Vaccinations Unit, THL

11:00 Round table discussions:

  • How healthcare, pharma, and startups can collaborate successfully to benefit patients” - powered by Health Capital Helsinki and co-led by HCH, Novartis, Terveystalo, and Veil.ai - 90 min session 

  • “Fundraising Strategy for Digital Health Startups: Using the SERAF Methodology” hosted by Will Cardwell, Courage Ventures 

  • "Transitioning to remote work: what we’ve lost and what we’ve gained" led by Patrick Mitchell and Hai Vo, Ayaya.Works

12:00 Round-table discussions:

  • “New Remote Healthcare Solutions: when supply meets demand” - led by Niko Lönn, Tampere University Hospital, HealthHUB Manager

  • “Rapid deployment of PPEs from small scale startups” - A case study - led by Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society 

  • "Technology supporting smart ageing and care at home" powered by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Hosted by Heidi Anttila, THL; Katja Pulli, THL; and Marketta Niemelä, VTT 

  • "Regulatory Due Diligence: The Win-Win for Startup and Investor" led by Heikki Pitkänen, Lean Entries

12:30 Round-table discussions:

  • “Expanding your business to the UK and Europe” - session led by David D'Alton, Oyster Venture Partners; Martin Shiderov, UK DIT London; Mari Aaltonen, DIT Finland; Benny Daniels, Oyster Venture Partners - 90 min session

  • Afternoon Fitness Break - 30 min session

13:00 Round-table discussions:

  • “Preventive mental healthcare and stress management”

  • “Growth Capital for Health startups - key learning from the past and how to move forward” - hosted by Vesa Riihimäki, Nordea Growth Partners

14:00 Round-table discussions and sessions:

  • “Future of Nordic Health: where are we heading to?” - led by Minna Storm, Ecca Nordic and Ilkka Räsänen, Sitra (

  • Health Incubator Helsinki: presenting the incubator and its companies” - showcase

  • “Harnessing the power of health data and analytics in the COVID-19 response – Frameworks, models and ethical considerations” - led by Ahmed El Saeed and Patricia Loh, United Nations Technology Innovation Lab

15:00 Round-table discussions:

  • “Wellbeing of elderly in the post-COVID-19 environment”

  • “Avoiding Ineffective tools for changing attitudes in a population to ensure their survival” - led by Reidar Wasenius

  • "Converging digital and Life sciences technologies. Success cases from Flanders” - showcase session led by Flanders Investment and Trade and flanders.health

16:00 Round-table discussions and sessions

  • “Scaling up Deep Tech Companies” led by Inka Mero, Voima Ventures

  • “Evolution in US Healthcare Through COVID. Facts and Myths. How to Play the New Game” - fireside chat by Val Kratzman, Business Finland US; Jonathan Gertler, Back Bay Life Science Advisors; Jason Bowne, Jefferson Health; Tom Sudow, Cleveland Clinic Innovations

  • “Sustainable Healthcare” led by Daniel Eriksson, Nordic Center of Sustainable Healthcare

17:00 Round-table discussions and sessions:

  • “Bringing health tech research from universities and hospitals to the market” - led by Markus J Herrgård, BioInnovation Institute

  • "The world's most integrated health region – why the Nordics should focus on prevention and sharing of data" powered by Nordic Innovation and hosted by Thordur Reynisson and Rasmus Malbord

  • Relaxing Fitness Session

18:00 Closing words 

  • “Innovation in health systems in a post-COVID reality" by Dr. Clayton Hamilton, Coordinator, Digital Health, for World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe
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