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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Health100? 

Health100 is an interactive hybrid event of Health, held in the spirit of an unconference.
The first Health100 was organized in 2019, as an intimate, in-person event for just 100 people. Read more about last year’s event here.

2) What does it mean? 

Hybrid means that the event will include online and in-person (physical) parts.

The online part is the main event that will be held on the 7th of October 2020 and have roughly 1000 attendees participating.

The in-person (physical) part is a side-event for a smaller group of people (up to 100). It will consist of a team-building activity (the secret will be revealed closer to the date, but be sure it will be something very special and fun, so stay tuned :)) and an amazing dinner. The date of the side event will be announced once we have a clear picture on the COVID-19 risks, but most likely it won't be happening the same month with the main event. Place - Helsinki.

You can attend either or both parts of the event.

Interactive means that unlike many other online events, ours won’t be based only on a passive watching of keynote streaming.
Our guests will be able to freely communicate with each other, have meetings, exchange contacts, attend workshops and round-tables. Pretty much like they would at a regular in-person event. We are using a one-solution-for-all online event platform, which closely imitates all the aspects of an in-person event - even a coffee room for surprising encounters. The attendees won’t have to worry about using several apps for pre-event matchmaking, streaming of keynotes, chatting, video presence - all they have to do is enter the event and enjoy the ride!

Unconference is a type of event where the agenda is not strictly regulated by organizers, but is rather co-created by attendees. It is less formal than a regular conference, and the main focus lays on making new and deeper connections in a relaxed atmosphere. Personal experience during the event is also one of the key elements.
You can read more about unconferences in our last year´s overview.

Spirit of an unconference means that even though we won't be able to recreate the full experience of an unconference due to physical restrictions (the main event will be happening online) we still want to reach the goals listed above by means of an unconference approach towards the content. That means that most of the content will be suggested and created by the attendees.

3) Why do we organize it this way? 

The Health and wellbeing of our attendees is our key priority.
We don't want to expose our guests to the risks related to COVID-19, thus the main event will be delivered online.

Yes, we don't know how the situation will look like in October, but we'd rather take no chances.
Besides, according to the forecasts of health professionals and scientists, the chance of mass events not being safe at least till the end of 2020 is very high.

We decided to still have the physical side-event later on, once it's safe since the in-person connection is very important for many of our attendees.

We organize it as an unconference since people are pretty much overwhelmed with the traditional conferences happening every year, especially the ones in Health.

4) Who is this event for? 

Professionals of the health care & tech industries who realize the need for innovation in the modern world.
Clinicians who believe that the processes we have in health care right now aren't perfect and can / must be improved.

Politicians who want to know firsthand what is happening in the health industry and adjust the regulations and policies in accordance with the objective picture and an actual need, now and in the future.

Health startups with brilliant ideas or ready-products, who might be experiencing obstacles on the way to delivery (whether the obstacles lay in certain regulations, lack of outreach, lack of funding, connections, research data, and many more).

Investors who realize that Health is probably the most important area to invest in right now, and want to expend their deal-flow, learn more about the state of the industry,  hear about tendencies and new deals in the industry, and get co-investment opportunities.

Academics and researchers who want to connect with the practitioners and tell about their recent findings.

Corporations that don't want to stay aside and wish to either contribute to the COVID-19 fight or share their practices in terms of new ways of life (dictated by the COVID-19 impact).

All of the above, realizing that the world we used to know has changed after the COVID-19 outbreak, and we all need to come together to:
- Learn about the changes,
- Embrace the changes,
- Figure out (or at least roadmap) the ways of adapting to the changes, and turning them into our benefit.  

5) What is the geography of attendees? 

The outreach will be Global, but the majority of attendees will be from the Nordics and Baltics. 2nd and 3rd largest groups: Europe and Northern America.

Attendees of the in-person side event will be mostly from Finland and the EU.

6) What is the focus/theme of the event? 

Reshaping the New Normal after the COVID-19 impact.

More specifically:

Need for new processes,
Redistribution of resources,
Importance of research in the area, and possibilities for implementation of the findings,
Public mental wellness related to isolation.
What else? Well, that is up to you - that’s the beauty of an unconference

7) What is the program of the event? 

Main (online) event will be held during 1 day, starting at 10:00 and ending at 18:00 EET.

The program will consist of the following parts:
3 keynotes,
1 panel discussion,
3 hours of round-tables (10 different topics per hour = total of 30 topics),
Direct matchmaking,
Random networking in a virtual “coffee room”.

The content of the event will consist of two parts:

Regulated content - 3 keynotes of high-end speakers and a panel,

Co-created content (unconference part) - 30 round-tables, topics to which will be suggested and voted for by our attendees before the event. The discussions will be led by the participants themselves, lightly guided by our moderators.

8) Why should I attend? 

Benefits for an attendee are the following:

- Getting information firsthand from the relevant sources: hear what is the state of mind of each stakeholder group in the health
- Connecting  with all of the stakeholder groups in health, in one day, and open new opportunities as a result
- A chance to take part in the co-creation of the Global Health Resolution.

During the event, you will get to meet many people from the Industry (Nordic and Global) that you never had a chance to meet before, get a chance to be heard by the community and deliver your thoughts/findings, learn more about the COVID-19 challenges and solutions to them (out), and get a tangible product - the Global Health Resolution, which will be a detailed summary and analysis of all the round-tables of the event.

9) Why should I become a partner?

Partner benefits lay in the following components:

- Position your company amongst the change-makers in health / COVID-19 fighters,
- Get visibility & build relationships for your company amongst all of the stakeholder groups in health, in one day!
- Promote your company by means of value delivery, which is one of the most effective approaches according to the recent tendencies,
- Set your own goals for the event, whether they lay in delivering a message, finding out firsthand what the mood is in the industry, or delivering more value to the community by means of education/training.

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