Health technology collaboration between Finland and the Netherlands intensifies


Health technology collaboration between Finland and the Netherlands intensifies

Co-created by Health Hub Utrecht & the Netherlands Embassy in Helsinki

Health technology collaboration between Finland and the Netherlands intensifies

The Dutch health & life sciences sector has a strong global position, offering lots of collaboration opportunities for innovative businesses around the world. The Netherlands Embassy in Finland is a partner of Upgraded, with the goal of intensifying cooperation between Finland and the Netherlands. The Embassy helps Dutch businesses and organisations, such as Health Hub Utrecht, to get connected with Finnish partners.

Health Hub Utrecht invited their Finnish counterparts, whom they visited in 2018, to renew contacts during an online Inspiration conference with all Health Hub Partners on 6 November 2020.

Health Hub Utrecht is an innovation-ecosystem focused on creating health (and happiness) in the region of Utrecht (also known as the Healthy Heart of Holland, because of its high density of public and private organizations in the healthcare and life sciences sector).

The Health Hub Utrecht network organization is built on six pillars: health and wellbeing daily practice, policy and governance, research and education, design and innovation, economic development and spatial planning and of course use and participation by citizens and patients.

The 2030 goal of Health Hub Utrecht is to provide to all its citizens as much of a positive ‘circle of life’ as possible: growing up healthy, living a balanced life, aging happily and dignified end of life. Equal opportunities for all is seen as a basic requirement in achieving this.

The growing network organization currently consists of over 30 partners, ranging from all hospitals to all knowledge institution, most municipalities in the region and most prominent welfare organizations. It has built working coalitions around ‘neighborhood focused prevention’, ‘digital transformation’ and ‘job market attractiveness’.

Health Hub Utrecht is looking for possibilities to exchange knowledge and insights on a European level in order to re-design the current healthcare system to be futureproof for generations to come and therefore welcoming the bond with other European cities and regions.

Interested in collaboration with Health Hub Utrecht?

·       Connect with Economic Board Utrecht, Director Health, Jelle van der Weijde,

Ideas for health tech co-operation between Finland and the Netherlands?

·       Connect with the Netherlands Embassy in Finland, Policy Officer for Trade and Innovation, Miina Ojanperä,

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