Giving is receiving – The story of Huoleti


Giving is receiving – The story of Huoleti

Huoleti is about communities and empowerment. It’s a mobile app for ill, troubled or worried and their loved ones to find others, to ask for and receive help and share experiences easily. People are willing to help and connect with each other but the words don’t always come easy. Huoleti wants to make life of a worried one a little bit easier.

The story of Huoleti has its roots in Professional Summer School program in 2016 when ICT professional and service designer Carita Savin composed a service idea for health and wellbeing purposes. She came upbecame with an idea of a mobile app that would help cancer patients to ask and get everyday help and peer support easily.

This made Huoleti one of the winners of Kertomalla paranee project. In the project, stories of cancer patients, their family members and health care professionals had been collected to understand what would make the everyday life of a patient a little bit easier. One of the biggest needs was to be able to communicate easily, to connect with others effortlessly. That’s what Huoleti does.

The concept of Huoleti is about crowdsourcing the care and peer support. After being diagnosed with a severe illness or facing other kind of a challenge or trouble people may feel afraid, helpless and alone. Some illnesses and treatments might compromise the ability to survive with simple tasks, and help from loved ones becomes very much needed. Huoleti is a platform for patients or worried – as we in Huoleti call the one’s needing support – to meet each other. It allows them to share thoughts and feelings with peers, and to invite their loved ones to help in everyday basis. A trouble of a loved one causes worry and discomfort also for friends and family. Huoleti is there for them too. Friends and family can connect with others whom are in a position of a caregiver and share experiences. Huoleti application is a platform for peer support and offering and asking for help. It’s also a feasible solution for volunteers to connect with those in need.

After the summer school program Carita continued developing Huoleti app and soon Huoleti took a giant leap from thought to a startup. Since the beginning Huoleti has been developed according to service design logic together with its users.

The first year of Huoleti has been breathtakingly fast-paced and fully employed, yet fun and full of adventure. At the beginning of the year 2017 Huoleti got onboard to Vertical accelerator and got funded by Courage Ventures. In May Huoleti won OP Smart Health challenge and in June started a valuable cooperation with world’s largest cancer medication company Roche. First pilots with the app are running with e.g. the city of Tampere and pension insurance company Etera. Next pilots will start in February 2018 with hospital districts and patient organizations. The commercial version of the application will be launched in the beginning of the year as well. On fall 2017 the dedicated Huoleti team grew from two to five consisting of ICT, marketing, quality coordination, customer relations and communication specialists.

In future prospect is the US market and few USA discovery tours have already been made. Huoleti keeps growing and the team is working from their hearts to make great things happen.

Huoleti wants to be there for everyone. It’s a support network in your pocket. – Facebook: Huoleti – Twitter: @HuoletiApp


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