Fitness Should Be For Everyone


Fitness Should Be For Everyone

Some people do sports because they need to lose weight, some people do it to be social and some people just simply do it for fun. There is a company that provides something for everyone.

SportSetter was founded in 2012 by Niko Karstikko, a Finnish guy who spent his youth living in the US and travelling around the world. Back in the day when SportSetter was founded, Niko was certainly not at his fittest.

After making the decision of getting back into shape, Niko realized that combining travelling and working out was not as easy as he had thought. Most gyms required long term memberships and you could hardly find activities that required no commitment.

Being a person who enjoys different types of sports instead of the basic weight lifting, he realized that there was a need for a new service, something what have never existed before, something that removes  boundaries of trying new sports.

So  Niko came up with an idea of a service which allows people instead of having to invest in expensive gym memberships,  just try out activities without commitments. Another thing Niko was thinking about is how to make fitness fun.

The journey had began from there. 

See Niko’s pitch here:

And now SportSetter offers its users a bunch of options ranging from free trials to 10x passes and from singles to full memberships and monthly cards. It also enables users to reserve classes and course spots (bodyweight training, CrossFit or bouldering, anyone?!) directly with the app.

Four years later the company operates in Helsinki, London and New York. With over 600 locations, the app users have access to various types of sports from martial arts, to yoga and from pole dancing to snow kite boarding. SportSetter aims to provide something for everyone. Some of SportSetters many partners in Helsinki include SATS Elixia, Esport Bristol, Flamingo, Merihaan Palloilutalo, It’s Yoga Helsinki and HIPKO self defence school. The app is free to download for iOS and will soon be available on other platforms as well.

The app operates on a location based system, allowing the user to see the closest activities and locations where to do sports. The SportSetter app also has a well developed reservation system. Through the quick reserve feature allows the user to see all the classes available that week. With only a few taps, you can reserve a class and head to your next activity. Making a reservation could not be any easier.

The future of SportSetter is looking bright. TechCrunch calls SportSetter an “Uber for fitness”. The company is focusing on growing its user base and making it even more convenient for people to try and buy fitness through the app.

The company is currently hiring and if you would like to join a highly motivated team disrupting the fitness industry, get in touch at

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