First impressions and interesting findings of the usage of the COVID App in Brazil


First impressions and interesting findings of the usage of the COVID App in Brazil

The Covid App for the Minas Gerais region is operational, here are the first findings

A few months ago, we were happy to announce the cooperation between Techtools and Etsimo for a Covid-19 app incorporating Etsimo’s AI engine for the Minas Gerais region in Brazil. We got a lot of responses about the usage and the results, and since the first data has been published, we are happy to share them with you, as well as some interesting initial findings that we are excited about.

Not just a Covid-19 app

The solution built by Techtools is not just a Covid-19 app, it includes the full functionality of the Etsimo pre-diagnostics tool that also covers almost the full spectrum of possible diagnostics for human beings. This way the app initiates a transformation towards digital health and remote access to care for the region, which will be an important driver for better care access and lower care cost.

Now that the app is running, here are the initial findings till early July in an infographic:

  1. Usage from the moment of registration is over 68%. 

Once people went through the process of registering for the app, it seems the assessment is rather high for an app that requires a fair amount of input from the user. This indicates that the users value the process and outcome of the app and are willing to get pre-diagnosed in this format.

  1. Instant feedback leads to direct results and peace of mind

The initial data shows that 78% of the users found out that their symptoms were not likely related to Covid, while almost 14,4% of the users learned that they had developed mild Covid conditions and close to 7,6% were marked as likely Covid patients. In real life, this means that 78% could rest assured they likely did not have Covid, 14,4% were alerted about the potential infection and could this way take appropriate measures and check in with the tool regularly and almost 8% were sent to care. Without the app, all these people would either develop symptoms unnoticed, or flood the care providers unnecessarily.

  1. Access to care, not just for Covid

We learned that 40,7% of the people were pre-diagnosed with non-Covid related symptoms. Still, they did not feel well and went through the trouble of using the tool to find out if something was wrong. In the debate about access to care, this is a great finding as those people might not have Covid but might still require the appropriate care. It shows that the solution can sustainably transform the way we access care in the future.

Still early days…

With the app in use for only a short period of time, the number of assessments has not yet reached its full potential, as you can imagine. We expect to see more solid outcomes in the foreseeable future, and we aim to keep you posted on more interesting insights from this exciting project. Here is a link to the webcast where the region discussed the initial outcomes.

Eager to learn more?

If you are interested in these findings, or if you would like to learn more about Etsimo and our vision on Covid-19, feel free to reach out to us and follow us on LinkedIn. We truly believe that access to self-service pre-diagnosis and follow-up for consumers is the way to transform healthcare, and we would love to learn about your plans to transform health. Our engine might be implemented as part of your care system to create instant access to care for your patients as well.


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